The Strain Teaser: Across The River

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The Regis Air flight 753 survivors are going through a few changes in The Strain Season 1 Episode 2.

As the medical examiner discovered, the organs of the infected are shrivelling up to make room for that giant stinger. They don't breathe, so why would they need lungs?

Eph and Nora's attempt to quarantine the survivors is not going well. TV news reports claim carbon monoxide poisoning killed the passengers. Plus attorney Joan Luss is making a few calls.

Meanwhile, Gus reaches his destination with the box and learns there's something alive (and large) in there.

Setrakian is visited in jail by an old acquaintance. One he is none too pleased to see again.

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The Strain Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Eichhorst: You've grown old A230385. Surprised to see me?
Setrakian: It has been many years. You look exactly the same.

If these worms did infect the victims, then human blood should produce a tropic reaction.