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SPOILER WARNING: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched True Blood Season 7 Episode 3...

Alcide Herveux is dead.

He was shot and killed doing what he does best: being shirtless saving the life of Sookie Stackhouse.

Everyone favorite fairy came up with perhaps her least logical plan to date tonight, just sitting openly in field (while talking loudly to Bill, just a few feet away) and waiting for infected vampires to take her as bait... when Alcide, Sam and company came charging to her rescue.

Shots were fired between the good guys and the very bad vigilantes and one of them struck Alcide in the head.

Sookie turned down an offer to make Alcide into a vampire, sad music filled the screen and that was it. Rest in peace, muscular werewolf.

At least we'll always have the following handsome photos to remember Alcide by. Click through them now and then vote in the following poll:


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