13 Awesome Abbys on TV: And We're Not Even Including Downton!

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Have you ever been in front of the TV and thought, "Another one?!

That's the nexus for this post. There has been a dramatic (and comedic) increase of Abbys over the past couple years. In this last season alone there were at least 13 Abby-themed characters on TV - not counting Downton!

What is an Abby? They're normally strong, feisty and - more often than your average bear - they're tasked with saving the world. Really.

The most popular shows are propagating Abbys and an upcoming spring series will deliver a proliferation of terrorizing (strong, yet not saving the world) Abbies to you if you let them. Confusing? Hell yeah! But who ever imagined a cornucopia of Abbies the likes of that we're experiencing now?

Flip through the photos and let us know if we've left out your favorite Abby or we've done them an injustice. It's your world!

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