Days of Our Lives Recap: Sami Spreads the Misery

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Sami shared her misery, Abby saw Ben's anger issues, and Eric admitted he's in no state to be a priest on this week's Days of Our Lives. 

Sami was in rare form yet again as she went up against two more Abigail supporters: JJ and Adrienne. 

In Sami's defense, she didn't go looking for these confrontations. They searched her out which was kind of amusing in itself. Did either of them really believe they could change Sami's mind? Neither JJ nor Adrienne were smart enough to realize that the more they jump to poor Abby's defense, the angrier Sami becomes.

Sami's take down of Adrienne was evilly delicious. I loved watching the expression on Adrienne's face crumble as Sami described the supposed photos of Justin with Kayla. For just a moment, Adrienne felt the pain and anger that have consumed Sami. But the lesson didn't last. There were no photos at all. Some will say Sami was wrong for playing with Adrienne's emotions but I enjoyed every devilish minute of it.

Of course the aftermath didn't work in Sami's favor. Adrienne ran straight to Will…and who does that?!?  Who runs to someone's son to tell them their mommy is being mean? It was petty and vindictive and I know it's no worse than what Sami dishes out but if Adrienne believes she's better than Sami, shouldn't she act it?

Adrienne's phone call just egged Will on. When did Will become such a little weasel? He actually invited EJ over saying he wanted to hear his side of things, only to record the conversation to use in his expose. I really can't wait to see this all blow up in Will's face.

Sonny was so concerned about Will's behavior that he went to Uncle Victor to try and get the magazine to pull the plug on the entire article. I loved it when Victor shot back in this Days of Our Lives quote

Did you marry this man or adopt him?

Victor (to Sonny)

No kidding? As Sonny's maturity level rises, Will's appears to descend. For someone who wants to "teach his mother a lesson" he's becoming more like her every day.

JJ confronting Sami was almost funny. I get that he didn't want to hear any of the gory details about his sister chasing EJ into the shower, but then perhaps he should stay out of it. 

I had to agree, Sami had a point about JJ and Abigail's history.

The two of you are just pampered little brats. You live your whole life getting away with whatever you want. Well guess what? You tell your mom and all of the Hortons that that's not how I roll. I'm going to see to it that Abby pays for what she did.


Yes, Sami's done plenty in her past too but her family rarely makes excuses for her the way the Horton clan does for JJ and Abigail. 

Sami had one more bombshell to drop but this one was for Kate. Is anyone out there truly enjoying Jordan's story line because I'm not? There's no passion in it. Even now that she knows Rafe cheated on her and he's running all over town hoping to get her back, I just don't care. 

I was wondering how Abigail was going to react to Ben beating the hell out of Rafe. Once she found out about Clyde's past abuse she seemed willing to let it go but I think this could be an issue that will cause problems for these two in the future.

Kristen and Daniel spent most of their week in a closet, then moved to the back of a truck which meant that story wise, very little happened. 

Finally we head back to the Vatican where Eric was told that he could put his collar back on. Unfortunately he said he couldn't take it. Eric couldn't accept God's calling if his heart wasn't in a state of grace. Was it because he loved Nicole? No. It was because he hated her.

I enjoyed  when Nicole pointed out that when he wrongfully accused her of rape, she found a way to forgive him. She admits she made a horrible mistake but Eric can't do the same for her. Does she have a point?

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Who had the best line of the week on Days of Our Lives?

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