Days of Our Lives Round Table: Confronting Will

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Will's article came out and he had to face his family's disappointment as well as being called a treacherous little snake

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Dylan and Stickywicket from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to discuss who Will hurt the most, who should be paired with Aidan and what was their favorite scene of the week. 


Who would you rather see Aidan paired with? Hope, Jennifer, or Kayla?

Nick: Hope, by a long shot. Jennifer and Do Good Doctor Dan are still playing their annoying pining game - this time through solid wood to everyone's chagrin - and Kayla doesn't have a shot at actually having a story at all. Most of all, though, is Aiden and Hope have been simmering towards a relationship for a very long time, and I'm truly enjoying the game they are playing with each other. Slow and steady is winning me over completely; once the show can safely let Bo go things can really get going between them.

Dylan:  I would rather see Aiden with Hope. I think they would be good together - they both have to raise young children on their own, and they seem to complement each other well.

Stickywicket:  I think it would be interesting to see him paired with all of them, "playing the field," so to speak.

Christine:  I agree that I'd like to see him with Hope. They have definite chemistry but I really wish the show would finally end things with Bo, otherwise it's a moot point. I wouldn't minds seeing Aidan and Kayla together, simply because we'd see more of Kayla!

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Who did Will hurt the most with his article?

Nick: Above all Will hurt himself the most. Because of his brazen and thoughtless actions his relationships with his family are no longer the same, his relationship with Sonny is different, and even Marlena can't figure out why he goes out of his way to do it. For a man continually trying to step out of his mother's shadow and trying so hard not to be like her he goes and puts his own spin on the kind of thing Sami Brady is known for.

Dylan:  Probably Abigail - she's just been so nervous about anyone finding out about her affair with EJ. Sami and EJ are used to being in the news for scandals and crimes - like when Sami was charged with the murder of Bernardi. And EJ of course has committed tons of crimes.

Stickywicket:  I think with the twist of Abigail's name now a part of it, Abigail will be effected the most.

Christine:  Will is mostly hurting himself. Sami and EJ will deal with whatever comes at them and even Abigail will make it through this, although it won't be fun. But Will's family will never look at him the same way again. As Nick says above,  Will's plan reminded me a lot of something Sami would do. 

Was Will justified in writing the article because, as he keeps saying, he wrote the truth?

Nick: Will's justification is thin. The truth is fine, but he stuck his nose into something that had no bearing on him. He joined the town mantra of poor Abi, and decided to one up everyone else in town while simultaneously sticking it to his mother. Getting his name on the cover is just a bonus. He needs to get over being so self-absorbed too. Who does Will think he is? Wondering why no one is congratulating him for being the biggest loudmouth and familial backstabber in Salem.

Dylan:  No. There was no need to pile it on with his family - it's going to make things harder on Allie, Johnny and Sydney, and things are already rough at best for them with their parents fighting and yelling at each other constantly. He could have easily found something else to write about, there was no need to write about something related to his family.

Stickywicket:  I think at the time he truly believed he could stop his mother's wrath, but it has snowballed into a much bigger situation.

Christine:  How would Will feel if someone wrote the truth about how he shot EJ and his father went to prison for him? Just because it's the truth doesn't mean it should be made public. He lied and manipulated his family to make this story happen. That alone should have told him it was wrong. 

How do you feel about the Eve/Jennifer lawsuit storyline being over?

Nick: I'm glad it's over. Now we can concentrate on Eve and Jennifer meddling in their kids' love lives.

Dylan:  I think it's a relief. It was pretty tedious. I find their rivalry somewhat interesting but the lawsuit storyline to me was contrived.

Stickywicket:  I have a feeling it isn't over, signs are foreshadowing things in the future.

Christine:  I'm glad it's over because it felt as though the writers had no idea where it was headed other than to cause immediate conflict between Eve and Jennifer. I think their kids love lives would have been enough to give us drama. 

Who had the best confrontation with Will concerning the article?

Nick: I'm torn, I loved EJ's confrontation with Will, but Marlena unable to explain the actions behind his behaviorcarries more emotional weight. Ask us this question again when Will and Abigail finally talk!

Dylan:  Marlena. She hasn't seen this side of Will in quite a long time. I think she was quite surprised that Will could do something like this.

Stickywicket: I liked the interaction he had with Marlena, with him saying" I did what you couldn't do all of these years; put Sami in her place." I think this showed his true feelings for his mother.

Christine:  Kate let him off too easy. I liked how EJ let him have it, I only wish it had been worse. EJ forgave him for shooting him for goodness sake! I can't believe how Will has forgotten that. But when Will lashed out at Marlena, that actually shocked me. She's always been there for him. Just when I thought he couldn't treat his family any worse, he proved me wrong.  

Which was the most disappointing story line this week?

Nick: The Clyde scenes pile on to the already numbing Jordan Ridgeway and company storyline.

Dylan:  Daniel being the hero and bringing Kristen back to town, and everyone talking about how amazing he is- as usual. Also, the Jordan and Rafe storyline continues to be very boring.

Stickywicket:  I think the Eric/Nicole storyline. I don't think she deserves all the blame for what she did, compared to Kristen's actions she is almost a saint!

Christine:  It's hard to choose between the two already mentioned. If I have to listen to one more person proclaim how wonderful Daniel is I might be side. But Jordan and Clyde are just mind numbingly boring.  If I could cut only one I'm not sure which I'd choose. 

What was your favorite story or scene this week?

Nick: I love that Sami and Abi seem to be the only ones that are in agreement that she is not the victim of EJ.

Dylan:  I guess seeing Melinda Trask vs. the DiMeras. Honestly it was quite a slow week. I suppose a second would be Eve's violent reaction to her having to accept Jennifer's settlement deal.

Stickywicket:  I liked the scenes with Theresa. Jen Lilley alluded to a turning point in Theresa's attitude a little while back and you are starting to see this. A perfect time for Kim And Shane to show up in Salem to help turn around their "little bundle of joy."

Christine:  I too enjoyed that Abigail took responsibility for the affair. What I'm hoping for now is that she doesn't let Will off the hook. His supposedly good intentions will do more damage to her reputation than anything else. Even Sami let her resign her job privately. Will outed her to the entire world. 

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