Days of Our Lives Round Table: Kristen Kidnaps Daniel

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When Sami has Abigail fired, it felt as though all of Salem Sided with Abigail. Kristen came back with a master plan and Jordan learned the truth about Rafe and Kate. 

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch and Melly from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss what Kristen might be hiding, if Abby might try to get EJ back, and whether grandma Kate will mind that Will secretly recorded their conversation.


In the battle in the storage closet, who are you rooting for? Kristen or Daniel?

Nick: My hatred for Daniel is well known on this Round Table. I was rooting for Kristen and her goons to beat the snot out of him. I have never loved a bucket more so than when Kristen uses it to beat up Daniel.

Kpatch:  The Dimera goon actually. If he takes out Daniel, he puts us out of our misery. Just do it offscreen please. The violence is sickening and gratuitous. So far, there is nothing about this storyline that I find interesting.

Melly:   I really don't like the violence, and I know I'm supposed to be rooting for Daniel...but I'm kind of not. I want to see what Kristen has up her diabolical sleeve. Is that bad?

Christine:  It's funny how the show seems to hold Daniel up as the hero yet we all want Kristen to beat the crap out of him and win. I didn't even want her goons to do it. I wanted to see Kristen handle him all by herself. I've so had enough of Super Dan.

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Do you think there's any chance that Kristen may have had a baby while she was away from Salem?

Nick: It is absolutely possible as Kristen wants to get Brady back, and a baby, whether real or fake, could be her way of trying to bring them back together.

Kpatch:  I kind of do. Those comments were not meaningless. Either she had a baby or she adopted a baby through that agency that she and Brady had lined up.

Melly:  It's Days, so anything is possible. I don't think it's terribly likely, unless she was already a few months along before she left Salem. If she is pregnant, of course, the questions will be (yet again) who is the father. I really don't want to go there again.

Christine:  I tried to do the math and then realized that it's Salem math so of course it's possible. I can't imagine they brought up her love of children for nothing but yes, the big question is who is the Daddy? Brady…or Eric?

Did Sami go too far when she forced Kayla to fire Abigail?

Nick:  Sure, but Sami is not going to stop until she completely ruins Abigail's life, and I'm absolutely loving every minute of it. Especially as it is forcing Abigail to grow a backbone.

Kpatch:  Yes. Even if Abigail broke a hospital policy and deserved to be fired, involving Aunt Kayla was unnecessary. I think it was cruel and disrespectful to put Kayla in that position. Kayla did nothing to deserve that.

Melly:  I'm on the fence on this one. Yes, Abigail violated policy, but she's hardly the only one who ever has. (I'm looking at you, Dr. Dan.) I'm enjoying how Sami's revenge is playing out, but I don't like that she threatened to pull the DiMera donation to get her way. That's the part that's too over the top for me.

Christine:  If Sami's goal was to get Abigail fired, then she had to threaten to pull the donation. Even though Anne would have gladly fired Abigail, Kayla probably would have saved her. Unfortunately, Salem University Hospital needs someone to hold their feet to the fire to enforce their own rules. I'm really enjoying watching Abby pay and I hope that Sami isn't done yet. 

Is there a chance that Abigail will try and win EJ back? Do you want to see her do it?

Nick: I don't think there's a chance at all of Abigail going back to EJ or vice versa. Abigail sleeping with EJ is a catalyst for her character to grow up in a soap sense.

Kpatch:  If she goes after EJ again, she’s a bigger idiot than I thought. He has made it clear that he wants a life with Sami.

Melly:   I think Abigail isn't quite over EJ...and it wouldn't surprise me, given her interaction with Sami this week, if Abigail DID try to win him back. I don't necessarily want to watch that, because I think the outcome will be rather ugly and would prefer to see Abigail learn from this situation and move on. 

Christine:  I think that when Abigail threatened Sami, that's what she meant. I think EJ's kind words made her think he truly cares and in her head, she believes they have something special. Abigail going after him once again wouldn't surprise me at all…I only hope it blows up in her face.

Will the bombshell about Rafe sleeping with Kate be enough to break up Jordan and Rafe for good?

Nick: Honestly, I don't know. Jordan and Rafe are both keeping secrets together, and this could break them up or it could bring them together by finally giving them a chance to talk about their secrets.

Kpatch:  Hope so!

Melly:  For the love of all things good and holy, I hope so. I want Jordan to go away...far, far away. She is possibly the least interesting character in the history of Days. Rafe has way more potential as a character without her (but not necessarily with Kate) than with her. 

Christine:  I'm so with your Melly. Jordan bores me to tears and brings Rafe down in the process. I really want her gone but I truly doubt this will be enough to do it. 

Was Will correct? Will Kate not mind that he recorded their conversation?

Nick: Usually whenever someone says that person will be fine with it, the said person will absolutely not be fine with it.

Kpatch:  Oh I think Kate will mind. She has no problem using people when it suits her, but she will not like being used.

Melly:  Really? Has Will even MET Kate? Kate may love Will, but she is going to be seriously angry that he recorded their conversation--as she should be. That was a pretty rotten thing to do. I don't know what the boy was thinking...

Christine:  He secretly recorded a conversation with his grandmother in order to get information for a nasty expose on his mother.  What part of any of this is going to be fine? Has Will lost his mind?

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Nick: Kristen coming back to town and getting Daniel beaten up!

Kpatch:  Victor everywhere he went. I loved him with Eve, with Jennifer, with Kate, and with EJ this week. He lights up my TV screen!

Melly:  Probably Victor's scene with Eve...Victor knows how to deliver an insult so it stings, doesn't he? Of course, I love just about any scene with Victor... As far as story--it's good to see Eileen Davidson back as Kristen, isn't it? She's a fabulous actress!

Christine:  As much as I dislike Abigail, I liked how she stood up to Sami, even though I disagreed with most of what she said. It will make it all the more entertaining when Sami decimates her. 

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