Pretty Little Liars Picture Preview: Changing Course

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Are the Liars changing course as we head into the final two episodes of the first half of Pretty Little Liars Season 5?

It sure looks that way.

From drinking and scarfing down junk food, Hanna and Caleb are hitting the streets to get healthy. While they could be fleeing a situation (this is Pretty Little Liars after all), they're definitely dressed for exercise and the only thing that stops them is Spencer.

Spencer doesn't look very happy to see the duo, and she should be, considering they aren't drinking for a change!

Aria gets into a lot of deep conversations and the synopsis says that Ali pushes her friends farther away as an innocent man's life is in jeopardy. Maybe they're discussing how to save an innocent man from going down -- the recently revealed "kidnapper" per chance?

We'll have to watch Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 10 to know for sure, but it also looks like Ali might be heading out of town with her dad. Maybe that's the best thing for everyone at this point.

Flip through the photos and come on back for a rundown of the installment after it airs!

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I'm sorry, do we seriously have to remind you that you were never actually kidnapped?


Right now we're just as big and fat as she is.


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