Reckless Round Table: Is Preston a Dead Man?

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There were plenty of boys being boys on Reckless Season 1 Episode 8 - but what does that mean if you're one of the girls?

Fellow #RecklessAddicts Cheryl and Abby teamed up with TV Fanatic Christine Orlando to decide if Lee Anne and Terry have a future, whether or not Terry will kill Preston and if he happens to live, will Jamie give Preston a second chance?

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Do you think Terry will kill Preston? 

Cheryl:  No, I don't think he will, he seems to have his own moral code, very skewed as it is.

Abby:  Even though Terry has shown a more vulnerable side in the last few episodes, he is still ruthless enough to kill Preston to keep from getting caught.  But I think Preston will die from his other gunshot wound and Terry's secrets will be safe for a little while longer.

Christine:  I honestly don't know. Terry's definitely capable of it and I don't know how he saves himself if he doesn't. But if he does, that sends his character to a much darker place. Whichever way it goes, I can't wait to find out. 

Preston & Terry - Reckless Season 1 Episode 8

If Preston survives and Jamie finds out about his undercover assignment, will she give him a second chance? 

Cheryl:  I think she'll be conflicted, and go back to him, but I think in her heart she knows she's really more drawn to Roy. I find it interesting that she committed to Preston after Roy made a move. I think she sees Roy would be end game & ran from that. 

Abby:  Despite her feelings for Roy, I think she would go back to Preston if she found out her assumptions were wrong.

Christine:  She'll consider it but in the end I hope she won't. She'll feel guilty because he was undercover and was shot but did he actually have sex with Lee Anne on the hood of that patrol car? Even undercover, that could be a difficult thing to get past. 

Is Jamie right? Is there a gender bias in sexual harassment cases? 

Cheryl:  Absolutely, unfortunately, Jamie's argument was correct, for the women-if they are "promiscuous", (as defined by males usually), then they can't possibly be harassed, but the two things have nothing to do with the other. And for men, yeah "boys will be boys" 

Abby:  There definitely is a "boys will be boys" mentality.  It does seem like women have to first prove their innocence in sexual harassment cases because their sexual history is always revealed and questioned in an attempt to discredit them.

Christine:  It's true. You never hear someone ask a man when he lost his virginity or how many sexual partners he has. The social expectations for men and women are completely different in our society and most certainly in cases of sexual harassment. 

Terry and Lee Anne can't stay away from one another? Do you think they have a chance at a future together? 

Cheryl:  No, no chance, they are just like gasoline, they run hot, but are entirely combustible.

Abby:  Lee Anne is staying with her husband out of guilt.  But I can see them running off together for a fresh start, especially since Terry now knows he's been the subject of an undercover investigation and Lee Anne's reputation will be ruined with the release of the sex tape.

Christine:  In Terry's mind, this is love. I'm not sure what it is in Lee Anne's case. For both of them it's a serious case of lust. Short of them taking off to an island somewhere I really can't imagine how they move forward…but this show has surprised me before so you never know. 

What was your favorite scene from this episode? 

Cheryl:  There weren't as many stand out scenes in this episode versus the last episode, probably because there weren't as many Roy/Jaime scenes. They have such great chemistry, so I always enjoy them. The scene with Roy and his mom was heart breaking when he found out she chose saving herself versus staying with him and protecting him from his dad (though she probably would have gone to jail and had to leave him if she hadn't)

Abby:  Roy confronting his mother.   It answered some questions about his past.  And even though he made it pretty clear that he hasn't forgiven her, it would be nice if she is a recurring character in future episodes to see how their past affects him both personally and professionally.

Christine:  I agree that we definitely need more Roy and Jamie but I thought bringing back Ed the tech guy was fun. He and Vi have a unique and kind of sweet chemistry. They are like this great odd couple that I'd really like to see more of in the future. 

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