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Lexie Simms, Roy's high school girlfriend is accused of murdering a guest at the gentleman's club where she works. The club manager tries to blackmail Roy. He has proof that years ago, Roy's mother was having an affair and was involved in stealing money from the city. His mother says it's true and that's why Roy's father took custody of him. 

Roy refused to back out of Lexie's case. It turns out another hostess at the club committed the murder to cover up her insider trading and set Lexie up to take the fall. 

Vi finds the hidden camera in the office and Ed the tech guy manages to get the footage. Vi and Jamie see Terry and Lee Anne having sex the night of the Mayor's Ball.

Roy spots Lee Anne and Terry kissing and realizes their affair is still ongoing. 

Preston tells Jamie he still loves her and will be able to come clean with what he's been doing the next day.

Terry and Preston end up in a shootout during the gun buy. Waterman shoots Preston when he realizes he's the rat. Terry kills Waterman then threatens to shoot Preston. 

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sometimes people just kill people.


Roy: I will never ask for permission to save an innocent woman from jail, Dec.
Dec: I know Lexie and she's no innocent.