Suits Picture Preview: Does Louis Give Himself Up?

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We know Louis never intentionally hurts anyone and lives to enjoy the feeling.

The deal he made with Forstman is going to blow back into the faces of the people he loves the most -- the entire firm of Pearson Specter.

If these photos are difficult to look at, can you imagine how intense Suits Season 4 Episode 9 will be? One of the things the show does best is lighten the dark moments with sarcastic wit. There isn't even a hint of a smirk on a face in these photos.

Here's what we know: The depositions that result from the new, broader scope of Sean Cahill's SEC investigation bring out a lot of secrets, both personal and professional.

Will Louis offer himself up, above any other misdeeds that Cahill uncovers, as a sacrificial lamb for the firm? How will he stay after his horrible mistake? We're going to have to watch to find out.

Flip through the photos and be back here for a full review of what is sure to be a tense episode.

If you're a little behind, you can watch Suits online via TV Fanatic to catch up.

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Suits Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

You confess, and all of a sudden everything sticks.


Jessica: How do you know there's more?
Harvey: There's always more with Forstman.