Suits Picture Preview: Reuniting is Awkward!

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There's nothing worse for a breakup than being forced to spend time together.

Now that Mike ending things with Rachel, his return to Pearson Specter will make both of them very uncomfortable in Suits Season 4 Episode 8.

The dark season continues as Harvey and Jessica try to outmaneuver Sean Cahill, but he's like a dog with a bone. How he's going after the firm's files on the Gillis Industries takeover. Can they stop him?

What about Louis? Will he crack under the pressure of dealing with the devil? Could Mike end up being Louis' salvation? That would certainly cement their relationship and Mike has experience getting out of tough situations. Louis getting Mike back to the firm was a pretty good deed.

Flip through the photos and be back here on Wednesday for a full review of the installment.

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I lied.

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I want to run to him and hold him and tell him I love him.