The Strain Teaser: The Hidden Sun

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That's right, the solar eclipse is here and the strigoi are coming out to play on The Strain Season 1 Episode 6.

Last week, we learned the authorities had security footage of Eph dragging Redfern's body away. Well, the FBI is in hot pursuit.

Before being taken in for questioning, Eph has a chance to warn Kelly about the plague. Will she take Zack and run? Will Matt go along with her crazy ex-husband's demands?

Gus refuses to work for Eichhorst any longer prompting The Master's lieutenant to lose his cool.

Vasiliy has a couple of uncomfortable encounters of his own, one at work and another at home.

Watch The Strain online to catch up and check out the FX teaser below:

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The Strain Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm your salvation or your downfall.


Kelly: What should we do Z? Stay or go?
Zack: Dad says go.