True Blood Finale: An Insulting, Illogical Slap in the Face

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Earlier today, TV Fanatic Chris O'Hara posted his thoughts on the True Blood Season 7 finale.

The review thoroughly ran down events from the hour, concluding that it was a fitting conclusion to the show's run because, after all they've been through, "Sookie and company found a way for a life worth living."

That's a fair assessment. It isn't untrue.

But it doesn't get to the heart of why I found this to be more than just an unsatisfying finale. I found it to be an illogical, insulting slap in the face to viewers, one that went against important themes driven home over the years by True Blood.

I speak, of course, about Bill's suicide and the three reasons why I had MAJOR problems with it:

A lack of logic: Bill didn't just want Jessica (a vampire) to marry Hoyt (a human); he pushed the couple into it because he wanted to give away his progeny before he died. So Bill was all for a vampire-human union in this case.

Yet his entire basis for killing himself was because he wanted Sookie to live a normal life, specifically thinking to himself during the ceremony that he desires more than anything to see Sookie someday standing as happily and as proudly as Jess at that moment.

Why is Bill all for one human-vampire marriage and yet completely against the idea of him and Sookie enjoying the same fate for themselves?

Heck, the final scene depicted two more human-vampire relationships (Lafayette/James, Arlene/Keith). So it bears repeating: what, exactly, would have been the issue with Bill and Sookie ending up together?

An insult to Sookie... and women everywhere: Bill essentially decided on behalf of both himself and Sookie that she should live a human life cycle. She should get married and have kids and even if she wanted to spend her remaining years with him... tough luck. He's a man. He knows best!

Was this all about children? Was Sookie being a mother some driving theme of the series that I somehow missed? Is there some reason why Sookie couldn't just be with Bill and adopt? Be artificially inseminated? 

There are plenty of couples out there who cannot have children and they either choose one of the aforementioned paths to do so; or they decide that they'd rather have a life together without kids than a life without each other and with kids.

But it's a decision Sookie obviously should have been allowed to actually make.

An insult to the overriding theme of True Blood: Since its beginning, True Blood has been an allegory for the struggle of homosexuals in America. It's been a series about acceptance.

Werewolves live with humans, who hang with Shape Shifters, who befriend vampires.

And yet the message the show somehow chose to end with is that the central couple couldn't be together - not only could they not be together, but one half actually KILLED HIMSELF to ensure they would not be together - because they're different.

We then witnessed Sookie expecting the baby Bill had been so excited about and ending up with some random, anonymous guy simply because that guy is human. Does this not go against every overarching value True Blood has ever espoused?

What kind of message was the show trying to send here? What happened to everything Andy said while officiating the wedding? About true love and God accepting it in all forms and how love is love and all that? That applied to Hoyt and Jessica and not to Bill and Sookie?

Bill basically killed himself because he insisted that Sookie should live his definition of a "normal" life. Since when was True Blood a series that cared about some generic concept of normal?!?

It spent the bulk of its previous seasons being as crazy and outrageous as possible, while taking on social issues in its own unique way... and then reverted to some conservative notion of 1950s America at the very end.

The final season of True Blood was simply terrible, lacking in any kind of suspense or action or drama. But I can handle boring. I can understand when a long-running series runs out of fresh ideas.

This finale, however? The decision to have Bill kill himself and Sookie be implicit in the suicide? And to want viewers to somehow see Bill as a martyr for doing so? For the reasons outlined above, I can't comprehend what the producers were thinking. It was an insulting, hypocritical way for a formerly fun and admirable show to conclude.

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