American Dad Season 10 Episode 3 Review: Welcome, Kim Kardashian!

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A very special guest star played a very key role on American Dad Season 10 Episode 3.

Okay, maybe special is the wrong word for Kim Kardashian.

An attention-hungry, fame-loving former sex tape star played a key role on American Dad Season 10 Episode 3. That's better, right? We concur.

The installment centered on Roger and Francine coming across an alien in the woods, one portrayed by the aforementioned Keeping Up with the Kardashian actress.

Roger capriciously had a one-night stand with her before he quickly grew fed up with her quirks.

He therefore attempted to get rid of this alien by calling the CIA, only to realize that he can't go through with it. So, how did the half hour conclude? What was the resolution?

You can watch American Dad online to find out and you can discuss below in the Comments section if you've already seen the episode.

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