Days of Our Lives Round Table: What's Left of Dannifer?

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Another family member showed up on the Dimera doorstep as EJ's Momma made a surprising return to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and  Christine Orlando is joined by Dukeblue and KathyJ from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether there is any reason to root for Jennifer and Daniel, Caroline's reaction to Hope's news, what's up with Chad's revengenda after this week's Days of Our Lives.


What do you think of the return of Susan Banks (EJ's Mom)?

Nick: I'm so excited to see what they have in store here that I could barely contain my excitement when EJ answered the door and she was standing there.

Dukeblue:  It is an absolute treat to see Susan again and I am really looking forward to watching her reunite with her little Elvis! I know that Eileen Davidson will do a phenomenal job!

KathyJ:  It will be fun to see Susan again and hear what she has to say to EJ. Great showcase for Eileen Davidson. 

Christine:  Talk about a blast from the past! EJ never even mentions his mother which makes it all the more intriguing and if anyone can pull this role off again it's Eileen Davidson. I can't wait to see where they're going with this because I really have no idea.

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Daniel and Jennifer. Is there anything left to save?

Nick: I'm sure the world's worst pairing is going to continue pining for each in the months and years to come. I just wish they would make up their mind about whether or not hell's favorite couple will get to make a go of things for more than a week.

Dukeblue:   I never really believed that Daniel and Jennifer were a great match and this latest break-up has only helped strengthen that belief. Unless they can demonstrate the desire or ability to change, the only thing possibly worth saving will be a photograph of happier times.

KathyJ:  I don't think so. Jennifer doesn't trust him to make good choices and she is very vocal about it. I don't think they can even be friends anymore.

Christine:  In the scheme of things they've been apart far more than they've been together since it all began. At this point Jennifer begs Daniel to reconcile one moment but then berates and second guesses his choices the next. If these two characters never shared a scene again I'd be all too happy. 

Were you surprised by Caroline's reaction to Hope divorcing Bo?

Nick: No, I think she understands and fully supports Hope's decision, and in a way she is experiencing something very similar since her son has cut off contact with her as well.

Dukeblue:   No, I wasn't surprised! Caroline was as understanding as she could be, under the circumstances. I'm sure that she will eventually come to accept Hope's decision to date.

KathyJ:  No, I think Caroline's reaction was very understandable. She understood and approved of the divorce in theory but she was upset by the reality of what that would mean - Bo being replaced in Hope's life.

Christine:  She went from understanding to irate in record time. I understood her feelings. As KathyJ said, in theory the divorce makes sense but the reality of seeing Hope with someone else was more than she could handle. And my guess is that her anger at her son has no outlet so Hope is getting the brunt of it. 

Any idea what Chad's real agenda is?

Nick: I think in true DiMera fashion he is ready to take the reigns away from the family. He's gotten a taste of the DiMera good life and is ready to capitalize on that even if he needs to step over his family members to do so.

Dukeblue:  At this point, I have no earthly idea! Chad has changed so much and therefore, it is difficult to gauge just how honest he is being with anyone. I don't want to believe that he considers Kate an enemy that needs to be kept "closer", but I also have a hard time believing that Chad would be willing to settle for anything, especially if he thinks he can take it all.

KathyJ:  I think Chad's goal is to take over all things Dimera. He will use anyone he can to reach that goal. 

Christine:  He seems to be playing everyone! It's really hard to tell what his end game is at this point other than to come out on top.

What do you think of Kate and Clyde?

Nick: It feels like another Stefano like pairing, and it takes focus away from Kate's better stories.

Dukeblue:  I am beginning to enjoy their time together, although I do worry about Clyde's shady past. He appears to be a master of manipulation and I fear that Kate is going to end up paying a dear price for wanting to destroy Jordan.

KathyJ:  I am loving Clyde and Kate. If they team up they could do some real damage. I'm sure Kate can't trust Clyde, but she has never totally trusted anyone.

Christine:  Although I like the actor who plays Clyde, I really wish he would just head back to Poplar Bluff. Every time he spends time with Kate I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't trust him for a second. 

What scene most disappointed you?

Nick: John beginning to wake up. It was so phoned in that I almost wish he never woke up.

Dukeblue:  I keep wanting to see a change in Theresa, so it was especially disappointing to see her attempt to silence John for a second time. Sadly, Theresa keeps inching closer to that point of no return.

KathyJ:   I am disappointed that Jennifer acts like such a shrew to Daniel. She is acting like a teenager and not a mature woman. 

Christine:  Eve trying to set JJ up is simply boring and then it was topped off by Jennifer storming over to Daniel's office to yell at him for not running to her as soon as he was done helping her grown son. I've had enough of all of it. 

What was your favorite scene or story this week?

Nick: Hope and Caroline's conversation about Bo.

Dukeblue:  My favorite scenes this week belonged to EJ and Sami. I really enjoyed their private ceremony and thought their vows were very personal and beautifully written!

KathyJ:  My favorite scenes have been Chad working his way through Salem making friends and enemies. I am looking forward to a conflict between Chad and Sonny. 

Christine:  EJ and Sami. Their renewal vows were heartfelt and their lighthearted banter in the bedroom was fun. Even Marlena didn't have the heart to bring down Sami's happiness. If these had been their last scenes and they left the show this way I'd be thrilled. 

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