Reckless Round Table: Roy or Preston: Who Do You Choose?

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Dec made a major decision about his future, Terry got a hand from someone he never expected and Roy made a surprising declaration on Reckless Season 1 Episode 11

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Reckless fanatics Abby and Cheryl, along with Reckless Twitter fans @AnnaWoodNet and Travis "Reckless" Raydor to debate Dec's choice, Preston's intentions and who everyone wants Jamie to choose in this week's Reckless round table. 

And don't forget to tune in this SATURDAY to watch the two-hour season finale of Reckless on CBS (8/7c).


Will Dec regret giving up his child?

@AnnaWoodNet:  I think he might, but then again he might want the prestige and higher job more. Hard to say though he's made his intentions clear in that last scene but the "what if" question always lingers for some people.

Abby:  His ambition and greed are stronger than his desire for a son, but I don't think we've seen the last of Lindsay.  She gave in and signed the contract too easily.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so she may find ways to make him regret his choice.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  Yes! This man has the means and financial ability to take care of his son. He was reckless and used no protection, he knew full well what consequences he was facing every time he slept with his mistress. 

Cheryl:  Even though he made Lindsey sign that agreement, in his mind, I think he still thinks he'll find a way to have the mayorship and have Lindsey & the baby. He is definitely Reckless.

Christine:  I agree with Cheryl. I don't think Dec will give up his mistress and son that easily. I think once he becomes mayor, he will try to find a way to have it all. 

Reckless Round Table 1-27-15

Terry has traveled quite a road this season. What do you want to see happen to him in Saturday's finale?

@AnnaWoodNet:  I think his actions may be covered up even further. I hope that doesn't happen but in the end I think he should end up being "found out".

Abby:  I would like to see his past catch up with him a bit, with consequences for his dealings with Burnside/associates and stealing $1 million.  His relationship with Lee Anne is one of his greatest weaknesses, and it seems like he would do anything for her.  I would also like to see that come to a head in the finale and find out if she has been playing him the entire time.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  Honestly, I would like to see him actually working undercover for a higher authority figure to take down Knox & Preston for bigger and high-stakes crimes.

Cheryl:  Terry is quite the complex character, Everytime I think I've figured him out, he does something unexpected and yes Reckless. Its a credit to Shawn Hatosay that I can't completely hate him, however,  I think Terry has finally crossed the line beyond the point of no return, bodies never ever stay buried!  

Christine: Is it wrong that I love Terry? He's the bad boy but he continues to make me believe that there's a heart in there somewhere. But even if he manages to keep the money and win Lee Anne, something tells me he'll find a way to screw it up. 

Who do you think is tampering with the jury?

@AnnaWoodNet:  Someone associated with the cops or in Dec's law firm.

Abby:   I can't even begin to speculate because it wasn't specified by that alternate juror which outcome she would get for that person.  It was a twist I wasn't expecting.  Other than the city/police department and Lee Anne, I don't know who else would benefit from going this far to guarantee a verdict (and have the means to do it).

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  This is an easy one- I believe it is Dec because if Roy wins this case, it will mean bigger and better things for his firm and for his mayoral campaign. He's being reckless in order to get what he wants. 

Cheryl:  The jury tampering is a very interesting plot twist, but how did they know that their person would make it through, there were a lot of people in the jury pool, did they have multiple ringers in waiting? Initially I thought Joyce, the councilwomen, then I thought Terry with his new bundle of money, but Dec also crossed my mind, as his Machiavellian ways are surfacing, showing what behind the scenes maneuvering he's capable of. I can't decide which of them is stands to gain the most from tampering

Christine:  I think I'm with Travis on this one. It's not only about who has the most to gain but who has the means to do it. Dec definitely checks off both of those boxes. But Reckless has certainly surprised me before so I could be wrong. 

Preston said he'll do "anything" to keep Jamie. How far do you really think he'll go?

@AnnaWoodNet:  Tough call. I can see him using any information he has or can find against Roy or  using his charm. 

Abby:  I don't think he would physically harm Roy, but I can see him trying to find dirt on Roy to use against him or even setting him up in some kind of compromising situation.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  I don't think Preston will go far at all to keep Jamie. He is not going to hurt someone or dosomething that in turn, will hurt Jamie. Not if he truly loves her like he proclaims he does. 

Cheryl:  The problem with people who work undercover is their ability to lie so easily, it is how they survive. He so quickly gave Terry a pass makes me suspicious of what else Preston has hidden. In the donut scene, Preston moves in expecting a kiss and Jamie sort of plants the donuts in the way at first, ultimately he does lean in to get the kiss but it wasn't the most passionate kiss ever from her. I think he'll keep trying with Jamie, even if she breaks it off to be with Roy. 

Christine:  I find it hard to get a read on Preston. Like Cheryl said, perhaps his ability to hide who is. It's a dangerous quality. On the surface he seems like a nice guy but there's something about him I just don't trust. 

Both men have made their intentions clear. Who do you want to see Jamie choose?

@AnnaWoodNet:  Roy. 

Abby:  Roy.  Duh.  Is there any other choice?  :)

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  Ramie is where it's at. They make me hot with all their flirting and chemistry! Roy always gets what he wants & he goes about it in a bold and straightforward way, like Jamie. They are like Red Beans & Rice. They mix well and are tasty! 

Cheryl:  I think Jamie knows that Roy has her heart, I think that is why she is so adamant that they have to "be enemies" so she can properly defend her client, yet she leaves him with that little tease about "respecting her in the morning" Man these two have some insane chemistry! I just have to say Anna Wood and Cam Gigandet have been a pleasant revelation , they are excellent in these roles. Team Roy all the way in case you didn't notice ;)!

Christine:  Definitely Team Roy. Roy and Jamie have smoking hot chemistry that cannot be denied. I really can't wait to see them finally get together. 

What was your favorite scene from this episode? 

@AnnaWoodNet:  I didn't actually have one. The one I was most shocked over was Pa McCandless using the shovel though. 

Abby:  Roy telling Jamie he will make her fall in love with him, and then her reaction.  I think that scene had every female Reckless fan swooning.  Preston doesn't have a chance after that, unless Jamie continues to live in denial or Lee Anne's trial/verdict does end up driving a wedge between her and Roy.

Travis "Reckless" Raydor:  My favorite scene was when Jamie busted out that nurse, calling her out on her plastic surgery procedures and her vaginal rejuvination! Lol! Jamie is a "ravishing reckless red" firecracker! 

Cheryl:  I loved Vi telling Jamie that she ended the marriage when she figured out she was too good for her ex-husband, the extremely handsome Henry Simmons, but my favorite scene has to be the very last scene where Roy came to Jamie's and declared his intentions. From her trusting him and offering to let him into her bedroom, the bemused look on her face when she seemed to think he was just apologizing upfront for how they'd tear each other apart in court to the shy, tender but ultimately resolute (and romantic) way he declared he'd make her fall in love with him. Every pause, gesture and word used by Cam Gigandet really accentuated the scene, plus Anna Wood didn't have to say a word, her eyes and expressions told you all you needed to know.  Just a masterful performance from each of them.    

Christine:  There were so many scenes I liked. Vi explaining why she left her ex. Pat McCandless breaking that man's neck! But Roy telling Jamie he was going to make her fall in love with him, that was epic.

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