Saved by the Bell Movie: What Lessons Did We Learn?

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TIME OUT! Hold on! They want us to believe what now?!?

Lifetime aired The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie last night, a supposed tell-all based on a memoir by Dustin Diamond and also produced by this ex-cast member.

And it showed.

Clearly tilted toward Diamond/Screech, the film tested the limits of believability when claiming to reveal numerous behind the scenes secrets from this former Saturday morning program.

So, after sharing 11 life lessons learned from Saved by the Bell last month, it only now seems appropriate to share 11 more gleaned from The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie...

Saved by the Bell Movie Cast
  1. Mark-Paul Gosselaar lived on a $20 per week stipend in the early stages of shooting the show.
  2. He would also dye his roots during down time out of fear others would realize he wasn't a natural blonde.
  3. Jennie Garth was up for the role of Kelly Kapowski.
  4. Mario Lopez would sneak girls on to the set to hook up with them.
  5. Dustin Diamond was once blackmailed by an actor after promising the young man a role on Saved by the Bell.
  6. Lopez once signed a mom's belly button.
  7. Elizabeth Berkeley was the one responsible for Saved by the Bell tacking societal issues such as drugs.
  8. Diamond entertained crazy fantasies about having muscles and doing things with girls in hot tubs.
  9. Diamond's first-ever kiss? With Tori Spelling, who played Screech's girlfriend.
  10. Diamond once knocked out some movie goer at a theater. With just two punches!
  11. Diamond is not a fan of White Collar or Franklin & Bash, not after the actor playing him took swipes at the show in the Where Are They Now? segment.

We told you: it was a lot of Dustin Diamond a lot of the time.

Did the movie live up to the hype? Or was it an unintentionally comedic bomb along the lines of Sharknado?

Sound off now and click around below for far more important life lessons learned from the actual show Saved by the Bell:

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