The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1: Full Episode Live!

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On The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 things take incredibly awkward turns when Cary is arrested for supposedly trumped up charges. It seems as if it's all a way for Eli to prod Alicia Florrick to run for State's Attorney, after all she doesn't like dirty politics.

Cary gets the full experience of the lowest of the low during the hour and is treated very poorly by his professional associates, Lemond Bishop's men and his fellow prisoners. It's truly a unique and upsetting hour of television.

At first it's Finn v Alicia in court, but they make sure she can't represent her partner. Who steps in?

Eli, meanwhile, is trying to get polling numbers on Alicia and how well she would do in an election and he also asks pollsters what they would think of another personal scandal and how it would affect the governor.

Diane shares with her firm that she's retiring, but that doesn't stop her associates from thinking it's the perfect opportunity to swoop in and steal all of her clients. Will she have any left to take to Florrick/Agos when she finally joins them? Will it even matter if Cary is behind bars? Watch The Good Wife online now to find out what's happening. 

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