American Horror Story Freak Show: Watch Episode 2 Online!

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Welcome to the Freak Show, Michael Chiklis. You just made quite the impression.

While American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 1 focused on Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars, the second was titled "Massacres and Matinees" for a reason.

It introduced viewers to Chiklis as Dell Toledo, a strong man, an experienced carnival member and Jimmy's father, unbeknownst to Jimmy, of course. And also someone with a major temper.

He sought to take immediate control of Elsa's circus and he was also indirectly (or directly, really) responsible for the death of a fellow freak. How so?

And what sort of danger is now lurking out there for the residents of Jupiter, Florida?

Sit back and watch American Horror Story online to find out. You just may wanna do so with all the lights on...

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

They don't even know us. If they just got to know us, they would see we're just like them. No better, no worse. Just regular people. That's what we gotta do. Let 'em know us.


I'm sorry I snapped. I never killed nobody before. What if he has a family, couple kids, wondering where he is? I know what it's like growing up without a father.