That's Amelia Earhart.


Get in there and help them.


Those half-f–king cows were f–king mooing.


Those dorms were small. First, you know, you jack off at the same time in the dark, and then you just start doing it together, and before you know it you’re late for your Great Thinkers of Enlightenment class because you have your best friend’s d–k in your mouth.


Looks like the streets are running red with blood and metaphors. At least all of those no-talent monsters are taking their pain out in a real way. Being great is hard. The rest of us just don’t get it. We drive ourselves crazy with envy, but the truth is, most people aren’t willing to put in the work. They focus on the success, the notoriety, the wealth that their great piece of art will bring. But the journey there is tedious. And those that achieve greatness only do so because they’re f–d up enough to push through the pain and failure it takes to reach your potential At least with these pills, the world can find out if you’re any good. To be told we are talented, isn’t that all we ever want? The truth is, history will only remember a handful of us, but at least now we’re leveling the playing field.


I know this sucks, OK? I know you got a raw deal. But you are not monsters. You’re a bunch of Laurence Fishburnes. Fishburne turned down Pulp Fiction because his agent told him he’d be working with John Travolta — a has-been. Now, look, you’ve all made a very bad call, but it’s not the end of the story. Fishburne went on to beat out Sam Jackson for The Matrix. The moral of the story is that sometimes there are second chances.


I stopped Burger King from opening in this town. I can stop you.


Strange things happen down the Cape in the winter. Everybody knows it.


I love you, Karen. You’re my muse. You’ll be the heroine in every story I ever write.


There is nothing more tragic, pathetic and sad than a person with no talent trying to make it in the world.


This is basic Pottery Barn bulls–t.


I still don’t understand why you keep her around. We’re trying to be great at something, daddy. People like her just want to get through the day. We want to live deep.