Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 31 Review: Where in the World is Abby Lee Miller?

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Welcome to Sunny Los Angeles! The time has finally come for Nationals and the girls are set to compete at Intensity Dance…but not before some big announcements and a dance off.

After taking her time to marinate on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 30's 45-second solos, Abby reveals who is destined to dance at Nationals.

There will be two group routines, one from the Select Ensemble and one from the Elite Competition team. Abby emphasizes the Select Ensemble’s winning streak against the Elite team, but let’s be real. Abby has pretty much gone out of her way to ensure the Select Ensemble team wins to teach the Elite girls a lesson and passive aggressively urge them to be better dancers.

As for solos…the three lucky contenders are…Kendall, which makes Jill beam from ear to ear; Chloe, a surprise selection considering she didn’t dance last week; and Kamryn, who in spite of falling out of her turns last week, was still able to grab Abby’s attention with her face.

I know what you’re thinking...what about Maddie?! Is this a joke? Well, Maddie has some promotional appearances lined up while in LA, specifically Jimmy Kimmel, and Abby just doesn’t want to put her out there without the necessary preparation (also known as Abby can’t stand to see Maddie lose, but just in case she needs her, she will still teach her a solo in secret).

All of the moms are privy to this, because Melissa and Maddie don’t pull much of a fuss after Abby tells Maddie she won’t be dancing a solo. And everyone knows Maddie would’ve bawled like a baby and Melissa would’ve been irate had this actually been the plan. I guess we will just have to wait until next week to find out what happens!

With Kamryn getting the last spot, poor Nia, who has never gotten the chance to dance a solo at Nationals, is yet again left out in the cold. This pisses Holly and Nia off, who both see it as unfair. Abby’s response? You can always “go somewhere else…” As per usual, Abby’s answer is final, not to be contested. She needs winners; and to her, Nia just isn’t reliable.

If Abby weren’t so blinded by the crown, maybe she’d realize the more times she puts Nia in those pressure situations, the more reliable she will become.

Alas, Abby’s lure for the spotlight is far too strong, which couldn’t have been more evident than in Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 31.

Abby is MIA most of the week, leaving Gianna and the moms to help choreograph and fine-tune a lot of the routines. Why? Because Abby has decided now is the time for her to open a dance studio in LA. 

Most of the moms are disappointed by this decision. After all, Abby is already stretched too thin between her two competition teams. With another studio on the other side of the country in the mix, just how does Abby expect to give equal attention? The moms know full well Abby will devote most of her time to the new studio, begging the question…who will follow Abby to LA?

Only time will tell. Two things Abby can count on, though? Maddie and Mack-Z tagging along, as well as Cathy and her Candy Apples.

There’s no way Cathy will let Abby get away without tracking her down. Without Abby, Cathy wouldn’t be relevant, no matter what her delusional mind might think.

And on tonight’s episode, Cathy proves that point. Since Cathy doesn’t choreograph, she has more than enough time to waste not only on sending Abby a gift, but also on interrupting ALDC dance rehearsals and crashing ALDC’s appearance at Hollywood & Highland.

In hopes of finally ending her losing streak to Abby, Cathy solicits the help of a So You Think You Can Dance winner, Chehon, to choreograph her group routine at Nationals. To top it off, she decides the dance will be choreographed to none other than Sia’s “Chandelier,” also known as the song that lifted Maddie to Hollywood status after her star-turning performance in the music video.

And if that wasn’t enough, Cathy hints at her lowbrow tactic by sending Abby a cheap chandelier adorned with apples. Yes, Cathy is right; Abby didn’t choreograph Maddie’s routine in the “Chandelier” video, but she did teach Maddie how to dance and if not for Maddie’s technical ability, the video wouldn’t have turned out as beautiful as it did.

Despite her efforts, Cathy fails to get a directed rise out of Abby this week. Instead, Abby ignores Cathy and channels her anger elsewhere – onto Christ-y and Sarah. After harassing Sarah again for being a baby, Christ-y is ready to find her daughter a new team. Or so she says. She’ll be back, but as for now, her daughter won’t be competing at Nationals.

That only leaves the ALDC’s appearance at Hollywood & Highland, which quickly turns into a dance off with the Candy Apples after Cathy sticks her nose into yet another opportunity she wasn’t really given.

Forever to be known as Step Up: Hollywood & Highland, the ALDC and Candy Apples battled it out in front of adoring fans. Candy Apples’ Mckenzie really brought it, beating out Nia and Chloe in the solo round. But when it came down to the group routines, ALDC slammed the Candy Apples.

And with that…TO BE CONTINUED…What will happen at Nationals? Who do you think will come out on top? 

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