Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is EJ Dead or Alive?

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Clyde double crossed a DiMera but is EJ really dead? John remembered but didn't out Theresa and JJ held back the truth from Paige on this week's Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by WendyLou and Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum debate whether EJ DiMera is dead, if Chad and Jordan have potential as a couple and who disappointed them the most this week in Salem. 

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Is EJ DiMera really dead?

Nick: It's hard to say if a DiMera every really dies. The way it was portrayed certainly seems to say that EJ truly is dead. Quite honestly, I hope EJ is dead. His character has been an absolutely shell since his affair with Abigail and I'm ready to move on from the "epic" romance that is Sami and EJ.

WendyLou:  I'm gonna say, no. Probably mostly because I don't want him to be, especially at the hands of someone like Clyde, who doesn't even have a great history with EJ. I'm hoping that EJ and Miguel plotted to fake his death and that maybe Rafe is even in on it.

Tony:  I don't believe so. With all of the time they've spent pushing E.J. and Sami as a couple, plus the fact that they've already said that the two will be leaving together, I don't think that he's actually dead. I'm sure he'll show up again for Sami's last episode or two and they'll ride off into the sunset together.

Christine:  Nick, you're heartless! After all the hell that EJ and Sami have put one another through, I want to see them get their happy ending. If they don't deserve it then their children certainly do. Plus EJ is a Dimera and I never really believe it when a DiMera dies. 

What do you think of Jordan and Chad as a possible couple?

Nick: I thought Rafe and Jordan put me to sleep, Chad and Jordan are somehow even more boring. Everything Jordan touches becomes boring.

WendyLou:  While I'm loathe to say anything positive about Snoredan I will admit, her scenes with Chad are, well, watchable, which is more than I could ever say about her scenes with Rafe or anyone else. I still can't say I enjoy this character though.

Tony:   I think that they are a possibility. I just hope that, if they do go that route, Chad makes Jordan slightly more interesting.

Christine:  I'm with WendyLou and Tony. Chad makes Jordan more interesting but that may have a lot more to do with Chad than Jordan. If she left Salem tomorrow I wouldn't miss her. In fact, I'd be relieved. 

Should JJ tell Paige the truth about his father and Kayla?

Nick: JJ has zero obligation to Paige to tell her about Kayla and Jack. That's a very dark family secret that JJ is completely ashamed of, and Paige needs to realize that not all of JJ's secrets are her secrets. Some of the past is better left there.

WendyLou:  In one sense, I think it's none of Paige's business but she will probably find out some other way on her own (or with her mother's help) so he may as well tell her so he doesn't seem dishonest. Am I the only one who thought Paige stood at Kayla's office door listening way too long for that to just be considered "overhearing?" That was flat-out eavesdropping to me.

Tony:  In a way yes, but in a way no. It's really none of Paige's business; and it does not, or at least should not, affect the way that she and J.J. feel about each other. However, she unintentionally overheard something, and I can understand her wanting to know the whole truth.

Christine:  No one should feel compelled to share all of their family's dirty laundry. The bigger question is whether or not Eve knows because if she does, JJ should really get in front of it and tell Paige now rather than try to explain it later. 

Any idea why John is letting Theresa off the hook?

Nick: For Brady. He saw how Theresa's lie brought Brady out of his addictions and into recovery, and rather than spiral Brady out again in a binge of booze and drugs he decided to let Theresa's version of that night stand.

WendyLou:  I'm really mystified on this one except that maybe it's as Kristen said, John thinks Teresa is the lesser of two evils. Whatever the reason, I doubt it's out of the kindness of his heart. I'm expecting John to make Teresa an offer she can't refuse in the near future.

Tony:  I have absolutely no idea. Unless he's planning on using what he knows at a later date. Or, it could be that he doesn't want Theresa to face possible jail time, because he may think that it would send her even further off the rails than she already is. Those are the only reasons that I can think of as to why he hasn't told the truth.

Christine:  Nick, I had never thought of it that way but you could be right. Maybe he sees this as a way to keep Brady clean and sober. The only problem with that plan is that if Brady ever finds out his own father let him believe he did something so horrible, it could push him right over the edge once again. 

Which character were you most disappointed in?

Nick: Snoredan - there's absolutely nothing that is fun to watch about her character.

WendyLou:  Wow, so many possibilities, I think I have to go with Will for his distracting and unfortunate wardrobe choices this week. He looks like he should be running a booth at the county fair.

Tony:  To be honest, I was most disappointed in John. I was kinda hoping that Theresa would finally get her comeuppance. It just doesn't make sense for him not to say anything, except for in the reasons I listed in the previous question.

Christine:  Will, first for how judgmental he was with Sami and then for referring to his daughter as a mistake. Admittedly, how she came to be was not something to be proud of but if he keeps calling her a mistake little Ari is going to grow up with quite a complex. 

What was your favorite scene or story line this week?

Nick: EJ getting shot. Talk about not seeing that one coming. I should pay closer attention to Susan's warnings.

WendyLou:  I can't say EJ's death was my "favorite" scene since it was heartbreaking to watch but it was definitely the best storyline of the week.

Tony:  The undoing and "death" of E.J. I put death in quotes because, again, I don't think he's really dead. However, it was interesting seeing his downfall, with Clyde turning on him and Stefano practically disowning him (again). Friday's episode in particular was very good. I feel that all of his scenes this week have been very well acted.

Christine:  Sami trying to stop EJ's bleeding and telling him she loved him over and over and over again. It was heartbreaking. 

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