Gracepoint Series Premiere Pics: Murder in a Seaside Town

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Yes, Gracepoint is a remake of the U.K.'s critically acclaimed hit crime drama series Broadchurch.

It even stars the same actor that helped make the original a huge success, David Tennant. However, apart from the obvious comparisons, Gracepoint promises to expand on the original by introducing new characters and suspects.

If you've seen the U.K. version (as I have), that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Gracepoint as well. This storyline has its own set of secrets as well as twists and turns. Think you know who the killer is because you watched Broadchurch? Think again!

In a recent chat with the press, David Tennant discussed the differences between the two series and why he feels Gracepoint is more than just an "Americanized" version of the original.

For those unfamiliar with this riveting crime thriller, it basically centers around the tragic murder of a young boy and the police investigation that follows. Though everyone knows each other in the small seaside town of Gracepoint, neighbor turns against neighbor and everyone becomes a suspect.

This reimagining is every bit as sensational as its predecessor. So flip through these photos and get acquainted with the residents of Gracepoint. Then join me right back here after the premiere for a full rundown of the installment.

Gracepoint Season 1 premieres Thursday, October 2 at 9/8c on Fox.

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Gracepoint Quotes

Beth: Promise me, Ellie, because I don't know your boss. You and me we go back. The boys go back. I'm relying on you to catch them.
Ellie: I promise you Beth. I promise.

Ellie: I know this boy, He lives here. He's my son's best friend.
Carver: Calm down.
Ellie: You don't understand. I know this boy.
Carver: Enough, shut it down.
Ellie: Shut it down?
Carver: You're working a case now. Carver...
Ellie: I know who you are. You took my job.
Carver: Wow you want to do that now?