Grey's Anatomy Fans React to Calzona Breakup With Despair, Hope on Twitter

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On last Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, the long-running medical drama lived up to its soul-crushing reputation by breaking up Callie and Arizona in epic fashion.

Regardless of whether Calzona gets back together and lives happily ever after, no one who watched Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5 will forget where they were that night.

A rapt audience took to social media before, during and after the split. Here are some of the best reactions, ranging from hopeful and faithful to devastated and broken:

We should have seen this coming. Many of us did, but that didn't make it any easier to stomach. Some who heard about it before the episode declined to tune in.

That's how hard this experience was on Calzona Nation.

Callie and Arizona may be destined for a lifetime of happiness if they can get through this. Or perhaps they were star-crossed from the start and never will.

In any case, if you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you've never seen the couple struggle like they have in the past couple of episodes, and that struggle peaked Thursday.

Rather than throwing near-death experiences, amputations, PTSD and raw carnage at them this time, the writers delved into their core issues, emotionally.

What did we find? A last-ditch effort to save the relationship.

It didn't work. Their plan to stay away from each other for a whole month definitely led to feelings of longing, but the desire to remain married was only one-sided.

Arizona needed Callie as her anchor, mentally and lovingly, in a positive sense. For Callie, Arizona was an anchor that she felt she would be better off without.

"I finally feel free," she said, delivering the relationship death knell, "and by being free, I can see now that constantly trying to fix this is the thing that's been killing me slowly. "

And with that, Grey's Anatomy dealt fans another crushing blow, a bunch to the stomach which will surely rank among the series' most devastating to date.

Considering the competition, that's saying a lot ...

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