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On Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5, we take a close look at Callie and Arizona's marriage. After years of issues and challenges, the couple finally decide to see a therapist.

The therapist suggested that the unhappy couple take a break and Calzona decide that they will live together for Sofia's sake. However, they are not allowed to communicate for thirty days at all. This leads to issues at work and daily issues with one another. 

At first, Arizona believed that a separation would be a good idea. Callie did not agree and felt like they should be together to work on their marriage. Ultimately, Arizona realized that she needed Callie in her life but Callie did not feel the same way. In fact, Callie realized that she was feeling suffocated and no longer herself. She wanted a break permanently in their marriage and no longer wanted to spend all of her time trying to fix something that she believed was broken already for far too long. 

While Callie spent time with Meredith to try to talk out her problems, Arizona found herself jealous. 

At work, Callie immersed herself on a medical case that reminded her of her broken marriage. Meanwhile, Arizona struggled to impress Dr. Herman.

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