Josh Dallas Talks True Love & Babies on Once Upon a Time Season 4

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Frozen has come to Once Upon a Time, but the show is still all about true love and it all starts with Prince Charming and Snow White. 

We had the chance to speak with Josh Dallas about Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2, where we'll get a new insight into David long before he became the hero he is today, how Josh is juggling babies both on the set and at home and how baby Neal might affect the Charming's relationship with Emma...

Before He Was a Prince - Once Upon a Time

Frozen has arrived in Storybrooke. Have you seen the movie?

Oh my God, I loved the movie and all of the characters but particularly Elsa and Anna. I mean they fit so perfectly within the story telling fabric of Once Upon a Time. You know, essentially it's about a girl, Elsa who is misunderstood and labeled a villain. It's also a great love story about two sisters and all love stories don't have to be about a prince and princess. It's kind of a modern look at the love story between two sisters who are two strong, very independent, great women. 

How much interaction will Charming have with Elsa and Anna?

A lot. Of course this Sunday he's going to have interactions with both of them but in particular we're going to go way back into David's history. Further back than we've ever gone before, when he was still a shepherd, before he became the prince that he is. Where he meets Anna who basically is the most important friendship that he's had outside of Snow White in his entire life and where she out of pure goodness helps him along the journey and sets him on the path to become the hero he later becomes. It's a really beautiful story. This season is all about not giving up on the ones you love. Anna just does it out of the pureness of her heart. She sees something in David and sees that he's not living life, that he's running from life and burying his head in the sand, letting things kind of wash over him. So she really pushes him to wake up, simply. So I can't wait for people to see that and while that's going on in the past in the Enchanted Forest, in Storybrooke we have Elsa has been startled by Emma and encapsulates them in this ice cave where they can't get out and Elsa's powers are stunted, in a way. They're stuck and she can't seem to break herself out of this fear. Emma's life is in danger so David and Hook bromance out and come to the rescue and David talks Elsa down off the ledge with a lot of things that Anna taught him a long time ago. 

Congratulations on your own new son! What's it like having a new baby of your own along with your character being a new dad on the show?

It's a lot of baby. Trust me, because of course on the show because of working laws you can't have just one 4-month-old baby working all the time. So we have multiple babies. On set there's lots of babies, lots of crying going on, lots of pooping, lots diapers. Then I have that at home. So life definitely influences the arts, for sure. 

Charming's a new father this year to Prince Neal. Will that help heal the wounds of not being there to raise Emma or will it make it worse?

You know what, I think it does a little bit of both. Certainly for David and Mary Margaret it's their chance that they didn't have. It's their chance now to be the parents that they weren't able to be for Emma. I think it's going to be a balancing act, for sure. They want to do all those things that they didn't do for Emma but as well be sensitive to that and actually there's definitely going to be times later on in the season where I think Emma sees that happening and feels that loss very much. Most of the characters are but particularly Emma is still searching for her place. Still searching for who she is and where she belongs and her identity in a lot of ways. So I think that's play on her and I think that's going to open up some more wounds about us not being there as parents. But David and Mary Margaret are going to their best bring up Neal and not put him in a wardrobe and be the parents they wanted to be. Also make sure that they can still be the parents that they are now for Emma. 

Do you know if the fact that Charming and Snow now share one heart will become an issue this season?

So far the first half of the season I can so no but with the second half of the season there's still a lot more episodes left. So it's something that I'm sure we will get into. It's interesting in that it's one of the things that makes their love the truest love, for sure. They have the truest love and that shows how they are each one half of the whole and so connected in that way. If you remember, Snow White's heart, it got a black spot on it so I want to know who got that. Who got that half?

You were once part of the Royal Shakespeare Company. What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

I have a few. Twelfth Night is one of my favorite ones. I love Twelfth Night. I love Henry V and I love Richard II.

Do you have any other projects coming up you'd like to share with us?

22 episodes of an hour long network drama, that's all I've got in me right now until April.

That and a new baby!

Yes, that and a new baby.

If you could be on one current TV show, other than Once Upon a Time which show would you choose?

See here's the thing, because I haven't watched TV in like four months but before that I watched lots of TV. Game of Thrones, I'd love to be on that. True Detective when it was on, but of course it's coming back so we can call that current. There's so many. I loved Breaking Bad but that's no longer on. I never watched, I'm like really late to the party, Mad Men. So that's going to be my next thing that I get into, once I can get into some kind of a rhythm and turn on the television and sit down and watch something for an hour. 

Back to Once Upon a Time, do you have a preference between the stories that take place in the Enchanted Forest or the stories that play out in Storybrooke?

The Enchanted Forest for sure. 

Why is that?

Come on, I get to have a sword and horses. I'm wearing leather. A boy's dream.

Anything you can tease us about what's coming up in Once Upon a Time season 4?

There's so much. There's so much packed into this first act of the season. How these characters from Frozen keep interweaving and interlocking with all of the characters that you know and love and we're going to find about this hat that Rumpelstiltskin comes across. The Sorcerer's Hat. There's so much to come. 

And if you need to catch up, you can watch Once Upon a Time online any time here at TV Fanatic. 

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Mary Margaret: I'll recognize funny again. when he's three and I finally get some sleep.
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There you go sweetheart. I'll see you in three hours for your midnight shrieking.

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