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When Emma startled Elsa as she constructed an ice wall around Storybrooke to keep everyone inside until she found her sister, disaster struck as the two of them ended up stuck inside on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2

With David and Hook working on the outside to get them out, David realized that he'd met Elsa's sister Anna many years ago when he was just a shepherd. Anna convinced him it was better to stand and fight than just sit back and survive. When he shares his experience with Elsa she is able to harness her powers enough to make a hole in the ice for the two to escape. 

Back in Storybrooke, with the power out the residents track down Mary Margaret for help. They want her to be mayor and demand that she get the power back on. As a sleep deprived new mom she snaps at them as they whine but she does eventually figure out how to get the power plant back up and running again.

When Regina hides herself away at home, pining over Robin Hood, Henry refuses to let her be alone and goes to visit. 

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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Mary Margaret: I'll recognize funny again. when he's three and I finally get some sleep.
David: Three, I see the optimism returning.

There you go sweetheart. I'll see you in three hours for your midnight shrieking.

Mary Margaret