Once Upon a Time Round Table: A New Mayor in Town

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Storybrooke was surrounded by ice, Anna and David took on an evil Bo Peep and there's a new mayor in town after Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Mary Kate Venedam, Paul Dailly, Allison Nichols and Amanda Steinmetz are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss David questioning Hook's intentions, if Elsa or Anna wins out with fans and whether Mary Margaret is up for the task of mayor.

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Were you surprised that David still wondered if Emma was just a conquest for Hook?

Gareth: Not really. David is naturally protective of his daughter. Hook has come a long way but David is still aware of his reputation. As the episode progressed, David could see how much Emma means to Hook. His love for her was obvious. 

Mary Kate: I think David will always be worried about Emma and I think even though he's heard from Hook that he cares about her, David still wants the best for her. And I guess there's nothing wrong with double checking, now that they are more or less official.

Paul:  No. Hook's past will obviously be a concern for David. He is Emma's father. Her heart was broken Neal's death. I don't expect him to let her rush into anything.

Allison: I agree with Gareth. David was looking out for Emma. His short experience with Hook being a good guy doesn't outweigh the legend of Captain Hook. 

Amanda: Not surprised, but a little annoyed. After everything, you would think it would be obvious that Emma is more than a conquest to Hook. However, David's just being the overprotective father he never had the chance to be with Emma. 

Who are you enjoying more, Elsa or Anna?

Gareth: I like them both equally. I love the relationship that seems to be developing between Emma and Elsa. Their story has so many parallels. I’m sure we will see them learn a lot from each other as the season continues. As for Anna, it will be interesting to see how her story is weaved into the Enchanted Forest’s distant past. Can’t wait for her to meet Rumple! 

Mary Kate: Anna, definitely. Anna was my favorite in Frozen and I like how similar the characters are from movie to TV screen. I just like how quirky Anna is, much more so than the other OUAT characters. Not that I don't like Elsa, but I've always liked Anna more. I am looking forward to seeing how they develop Elsa in the coming episodes because they have more of a chance to do that with her than with Anna.

Paul:  I wish I could say them both, but Anna edges out Elsa. She is just so engaging. 

Allison: I don't like this question! Anna is just so much fun to watch. She's adorkable, as Mary Kate said last week. It's hard not to smile watching her. Plus, the writers had such a fun twist with her and Charming in this episode. Elsa and Emma were awesome in this episode. I love seeing the two of them bond. Anyone shipping Frozen Swan?

Amanda: I'd say both equally, but in different ways. Anna is a lot of fun to watch, especially in this episode when she's teaching Charming to fight. With Elsa, I enjoyed her bonding with Emma. They seem to have a lot in common, and should definitely become allies. 

We didn't see much of Regina or Rumpelstiltskin in this episode. Did you miss them?

Gareth: Yes! I was so relieved to see Regina appear at the end for that scene with Henry. Whenever Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla are missing, it does make you realize how much these two actors really carry the show at times. With so much emphasis on Anna and Elsa, their absence was very noticeable. 

Mary Kate: Yes and no. I missed Regina more so than Rumple because her story is more interesting at the moment than Rumple's is. But, I liked the focus on the Charmings, especially since they weren't really in the premiere. I'm still confused on what Rumple's story for the season is. I guess we'll find out soon.

Paul:  Not really. Last week I was annoyed because of Frozen mania, but I genuinely enjoyed the mania tonight. There was enough going on in the episode to give these two schemers a break.

Allison: I'm trying to say this in a way that doesn't make people hate me. I didn't miss them in this particular episode because if they were in it, there would have been way too much going on. It would have been a jam packed episode. I'm not saying I don't love watching them on screen because I do. I look forward to seeing what happens next for both of them. I just hope we can have an episode to really focus on one or both of them and not try to dig into Regina searching for the author of the book while searching for Anna while having an Anna flashback. Do you see my point?

Amanda: Like Allison, I love Regina and Rumpelstiltskin, but it was nice to have a more focused episode. This show tends to spread itself too thin between all the characters. It's okay to take a break from some characters every once and a while. 

Should Mary Margaret be mayor of Storybrooke?

Gareth: I think Regina is going to be busy on her new mission to find the book author this season, so Snow taking charge does make sense. As Grumpy pointed out, she is the current ruler of the Enchanted Forest and the most obvious candidate for Mayor. 

Mary Kate: I'm not sure. I mean she has been a leader before in the Enchanted Forest, but this is different. I would much rather see her as a teacher again, but I think it'll be interesting to see her with this much control in Storybrooke, while trying to juggle more things in her life, like Baby Neal.

Paul:  Yes! She is the worthy successor to Regina. The town loves her. It makes perfect sense. She gets on with everyone.

Allison: I would love to see more of her trying to be Mayor. She was Queen, but being a Mayor is a little different. I'm just not sure she should be dealing with running a town that is constantly under attack while taking care of a newborn. She has to sleep sometime!

Amanda: If it gives her something to do in this realm...sure! I love Snow in the Enchanted Forest, but I've always found Mary Margaret to be pretty dull in Storybrooke. They were really grasping at straws to find something for her to do in this episode. Although, her outburst was pretty hysterical! 

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Gareth: Loved the scene at the end between Regina and Henry, it was really touching. I am glad Regina hasn’t gone down the dark path again and has Henry to keep her anchored. Also enjoyed the scenes with Anna and David. It was interesting to hear a bit more about Charming’s past and what happened with his father. Charming is one of the main characters who we still don’t know that much about. 

Mary Kate: I liked all of the scenes in the Charming's loft. It made them see somewhat normal and more like a family than they've ever been before, especially that first scene of putting Baby Neal to sleep. I also liked the scene of Elsa and Emma first getting to know each other. It was a nice way to see a friendship really blossom from that conversation because Elsa realized that she was not alone with her magic.

Paul:  My favourite scene was the final one. Elizabeth Mitchell's introduction was excellent. It's obviously her keeping the wall of ice up in Storybrooke, but why?

Allison: Oh gosh, this is tough. I'm either going with the adorableness of Captain Swan in this episode or Anna teaching Charming how to sword fight. I can't decide. I also loved all the Frozen references.

Amanda: I'm giving this to Charming and Anna. I loved that she was the one to teach him sword fighting. I agree that it was nice to hear more about his back-story in the Enchanted Forest. Second place goes to Elizabeth Mitchell's appearance at the end of the episode. Also, how awesome is it that the ice cream shop is called "Any Given Sundae"? Amazing!

If you need to catch up, you can watch Once Upon a Time online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Mary Margaret: I'll recognize funny again. when he's three and I finally get some sleep.
David: Three, I see the optimism returning.

There you go sweetheart. I'll see you in three hours for your midnight shrieking.

Mary Margaret