NCIS New Orleans Round Table: Three Bottles of Orange Drink?!?

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On NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 4, viewers witnessed the case of murdered Navy SEAL T.J. Blake, who was found in the bedroom of some sorority girls.

The only problem was that these sorority girl roommates were part of a hooker ring, making Blake's presence there even more scandalous.

Below, TV Fanatic panelists David Taylor, Kathleen Wiedel, Christine Orlando and Douglas Wolfe debate this unexpected development and plenty more. Ready to jump in to the discussion?

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How would you describe this episode in a few words or a sentence?

David: The new

Kathleen: Cold-blooded co-ed runs campus prostitution ring.

Doug: When Brody says "stay" you stay.

What was your favorite scene and why?

David: Natalie getting the wired confession out of her roommate.  However, the piano-playing fade out was a close second favorite.

Kathleen: I loved the scene when Pride's daughter started talking about all the sexual things college students were doing these days, and Pride got all sorts of uncomfortable! And honorable mention to the look on Dr. Wade's face when Sebastian high-fives her.

Doug: I was going to talk about Brody's take down of Wolf, but realized that there was a scene even better than that.  Pride and Laurel playing piano together just warmed my heart so much. There was such a rich history there between them in that scene.  His love for her colors everything about how he views others too. You could see that same respect and love reflected in his eyes when he questioned the college girls/prostitutes. His sadness reflected his ongoing - and probably never-ending - concern for his daughter's well-being. 

What, if anything, didn't work?

David: Sebastian, it's OK to pour the soda down the sink; you didn't need to drink all three bottles just to make the silencer. I hate to think what the sugar crash looked like. Also, the campus cop hitting on Brody creeped me out.

Kathleen: I thought that the campus cop's would-be escape was broadcast a little obviously. Apparently, it didn't even occur to the idiot that the highly-trained federal agents might have already known about the secret tunnel and planned accordingly. Then again, he didn't exactly seem like the brightest sort - after all, he used his own sidearm as a murder weapon. Dude, really?

Doug: I agree with you both, so won't say more about those elements. The one part of the show I particularly disliked was Sebastian. The man is showing himself to be obnoxious, rude and not a team player. We saw that in NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 2 as well,  when he showed his disdain for Carol. The man is just not cool - and he's definitely not a New Orleans type. Just because he happens to have a lot of smarts, like Abby on NCIS, doesn't mean he gets to flaunt his rudeness.  Man, he really irritates me.

Pride and his piano - what was up with that?  Should he have insisted that it stay with his daughter?

David: I wonder if he wanted it to stay with his daughter because at least it had a home. Having it at the NCIS office seemed to remind Pride that he isn't living at home (although his daughter also pointed that out early in the episode).

Kathleen: Insisting the piano stay with Pride's daughter wouldn't have actually accomplished anything. I'm with David; Pride doesn't want to have a physical reminder of the current less-than-wonderful state of affairs between himself and his wife. He likes to pretend everything is A-okay, which is hard to do with your grandmother's piano sitting out in the office.

Doug: I think you're both right. Moving anything large into the NCIS office would just confirm that this is his home - and he wanted no reminders of that. This leads me to think that his moving out of his home wasn't his idea, but his wife's. Add to that the thought that she's the one insisting on marriage counseling, and you have a picture of a man who thought everything was going okay - when his wife thought otherwise.

Who was the MVP for this episode?

David:  Brody gets my vote. Not only did she flip that guy down the stairs, but I thought her interrogation was brilliant.

Kathleen: Tough call here, but I'm going with LaSalle - it was his confidential informant whose information ultimately led to breaking the case.

Doug: I agree with David. That whole scene with Brody and Wolf was just so satisfying. Wolf's exclamation of What are you, some kind of super hero? was perfect, as was LaSalle's reply of You should see her when she's angry.  Nice.  The woman is kick-ass.

Let us know your thoughts on all of this! Chime in and tell us what you think of the pros and cons of the episode.

And remember to watch NCIS: New Orleans online if you need to catch up.

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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Wolf: We fought cause I called his girlfriend what she is: a whore.
Brody: This her?
Wolf: That's her. Natalie..someone. Two words: hook-er.

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Brody: What's going on in there?
LaSalle: Chill and spill. Chill out over food, spill what you know.