NCIS Photo Preview: Really Stretching It

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What do tuxedos, costumes and stretching out in the park have in common?

All will play key roles on NCIS Season 12 Episode 6.

When a Navy Commander's wife is murdered, it's up to the NCIS team to try and determine if the killer was one of the patients she was counseling as a therapist or if this could be an act of terrorism.

The case leads to Ellie Bishop and Tony DiNozzo doing an exercise routine in the park, Tony looking very dapper and Ellie appearing as though she stepped straight out of the movie Grease.

Check out these photos from NCIS Season 12 Episode 6, titled "Parental Guidance Suggested," which is scheduled to air Tuesday, October 28 on CBS.

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Here is your official CBS promo for the episode:

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 6 Quotes

Keates: Spider?
Tony: Keates?
Gibbs: You know her?
Tony: Um, well a sort of...yeah. She's Philly PD.
Keates: She was. She's ATF now. Special Agent Zoe Keates. You want to get that gun out of my face and come over here and give me a hug?

Abby: I know you, Tony. The real you. And the fake happy front you put up you.
Tony: Oh come on. I am a happy dude. I mean I like, radiate happiness. That song "Happy"?
Abby: That's baloney. This whole random act of dating schtick? Nobody's buying it, okay? We know you're lonely, and we no why. Ziva. Say it. Ziva.
Tony: Come on. I can say it. I know her name. Ziva.
Abby: Okay then let's stop dancing around this whole thing, okay - we all miss her. I love Ziva but she left us. She's gone. And it hurts, and it sucks but that's reality. We have to face it.
Tony: I have faced it, many many times. She said no, she didn't want to come back. That's that. I have moved on from it.
Abby: But you haven't moved on from her. And you can't keep putting your life on hold waiting for her to show up, because she probably never will.
Tony: I know. Doesn't make it any easier. The truth is: I miss my friend.
Abby: You have friends here too, Tony, don't forget.
Tony: I know. Thanks Abby.