Once Upon a Time Round Table: A Blast from Her Past

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A look back into Emma's past brought her insights in her relationship with Regina and revealed a long forgotten connection to the Snow Queen on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 5.

Our TV Fanatics Mary Kate Venedam, Robin Harry, Allison Nichols, Amanda Steinmetz and Paul Dailly are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss Emma and Regina's relationship, David's idea of date night, and their favorite moments from "Breaking Glass."

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Do you consider Emma and Regina friends?

Gareth: I think they are slowly getting to that point. There’s always going to be a certain amount of snark and tension between them but I’d really like to see them become friends. I think they need each other far more than they both realize. 

Mary Kate: Certainly more than when they first met. I think after last season, especially with the Wicked Witch, they came to a mutual tolerance of one another. But, that is one thing I have always wanted to see, Emma and Regina being friends. Emma, it seems, has always been more open to it, now that Storybrooke is her town, too. 

Robin: Not completely, but I thought they were getting there. I think they could be good friends. 

Amanda: I think they have the potential to be friendly allies, but I can't picture them ever being far from some drama. I hope they can maintain peace for the sake of raising Henry. 

Allison: I agree with the census here. They haven't actually reached friendship status yet, but they are very close. There's always tension and bickering, but it's a greatly improvement from the pilot.

Paul: I pretty much agree with everyone. As much as Regina loves to hate on Emma, the two of them share a clear bond because of Henry. Even at her worst, Emma has tried to bring out the good in Regina.

Rate David's idea of a hiking trip as a first date after having the baby?

Gareth: It is right up there with Belle’s hiking adventures in heels! David has a history of romantic faux pas’s stemming back to Once Upon a Time season 1. Maybe he was just desperate to get out of the house since it is so crowded now. Elsa must be sleeping in the Charming bath tub at this point! 

Mary Kate: For David and Snow, it would probably be considered a better idea than most because Snow would be in her element. I can't imagine Snow being able to sit still at dinner without overthinking about Neal. 

Robin: I thought it was sweet, and a great idea for them.  This is the kind of life they had for a long time - it was them and the rustic wilderness.  The idea of this being an escape for them seems on point.

Amanda: Sweet gesture, but not really my idea of a good time after having a baby. I will say it fits them as a couple though. My favorite scenes with them have always been flashbacks in the Enchanted Forest. Being in the woods probably reminds them of when they first met in the Enchanted Forest. 

Allison: Well, hiking through an enchanted forest is kind of their thing. I guess Charming isn't ready to completely settle into some traditions of this new world. It's a nice way for them to still hold on to their fairytale selves.

Paul: I didn't quite get this. It wasn't the best idea to hike around Storybrooke with the Snow Queen hanging around.

The Snow Queen said her goal was to win back the love of her  family? Do you believe she means Elsa and Anna or someone else?

Gareth: Most fans had guessed that the Snow Queen would turn out to be a foster mother to Emma, so I wasn’t that surprised by the reveal at the end. I’m intrigued to see how it all fits and how she has connections in both worlds. Maybe she wants to reunite the family she had in the foster home. I still think she is lying about being Elsa and Anna’s aunt.

Mary Kate: I'm still confused about her overall plan. Does she want more from Elsa or Emma? She obviously has plans for both if neither remember her. I'm not sure who she wants more as family, but I'm going to stick with both because now she has pretty solid arguments for Elsa and Emma.

Robin: Uhhh...yes?  If Elsa is supposedly her niece, and Emma was her foster daughter, maybe she just wants a big reunion? Who knows. 

Amanda: All of them? This one I'm still unsure of. Before I would have said Elsa and Anna, but after we got confirmation this week that the Snow Queen was probably Emma's foster mother, I want to say Emma. I'm curious why both Elsa and Emma don't remember their history with the Snow Queen. 

Allison: I feel like at some point Elsa and Emma rejected the Snow Queen or made her feel like they didn't love her. There is a reason she is focused a little on the two of them. She was also trapped in an urn for awhile, so the snow queen needs some love.

Paul:   I think it's someone else. It would be too easy to make it Elsa and Anna. I also doubt Disney would let the writers go this route with them.

What was the most disappointing moment of the show?

Gareth: I found the Emma flashbacks a bit boring to be honest. Lily was clearly set up as a parallel for the situation with Emma and Regina, as was the camera plot device at the end. Overall, I enjoyed this episode. There’s a lot of set up going on this season, I just hope the pay off is epic. 

Mary Kate: As much as I have been looking forward to a Emma flashback, this wasn't nearly as satisfying a story as I thought it would be. I'm glad it led to the ending of the Snow Queen discovery, but I wasn't as interested in the friend story as I would've liked to be.

Robin: Emma's back story. While I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the girl with the star on her wrist, it just felt so contrived and out of place in the episode. 

Amanda: Like everyone else, I found Emma's flashbacks to drag a bit. I always look forward to seeing a character's back story, but it fell short this time. 

Allison: I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who was let down by the flashback. I feel like the writers wanted it to really connect to the Regina and Emma storyline, and it didn't. The only useful thing to come out of it was the Snow Queen reveal at the end. I really hope we see Lily again because we spent so much time with her in this episode.

Paul:  The villain Regina and Emma faced before the Snow Queen. The special effects were horrible.

What was your favorite moment of the episode?

Gareth: I am really enjoying Elizabeth Mitchell’s role as the Snow Queen. Her performance is quite creepy, yet there is also a sense of loss and melancholy about her which Mitchell conveys really well. 

Mary Kate: I'm liking Will Scarlet more and more. I can see why people liked him in Wonderland. He's only had brief scenes, but they've been really entertaining. I always like Snow and Charming stories so I enjoyed their scenes together. I also liked Regina's snarky comments to Emma. They are always funny, especially when all Emma was doing was being nice.

Robin: I liked the magic battle with Regina, Emma, Elsa and the Snow Queen. I love any opportunity Emma gets to use her powers, and having three powerful women together united, for however short a time, was a great sight. 

Amanda: I'm with Mary Kate! I'm liking Will Scarlet more and more. I didn't watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland so I'm not sure what his purpose will be on the show, but I'm curious to find out. 

Allison: Will and Mary Margaret, hands down. He is just so confused by everything that comes out of her mouth. It's hilarious.

Paul:  Sidney double-crossing Regina. She deserved it after using him as her own personal puppet.

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