South Park Season 18 Episode 2: Full Episode Live!

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Following a very long hiatus, South Park returned last Wednesday with the skewering of both the NFL and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. And ISIS, of course.

How did Comedy Central possibly follow up that masterpiece? With South Park Season 18 Episode 2, an installment awesomely titled "Gluten Free Ebola."

Amazingly - and, of course, depressingly - the title and the subject matter served to be more relevant than ever, considering the first case of Ebola ever in the United States was discovered on Monday.

The half hour itself centered on Mr. Mackey's proselytizing about his gluten-free diet and getting on everyone's nerves. That is, the entire town chose to follow his lead.

What shenanigans ensued from there? Watch South Park online to find out!

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South Park Season 18 Episode 2 Quotes

Okay, listen up! We have the obligation to make this thing right and tell people what is and what isn't safe to eat. We are the USDA! Without us people would be eating dirt and chairs!

USDA Leader

Radio Host: Now, this party is also for a good cause, because it's to honor a little boy with diabetes, Scott Malcomson. Is that correct?
Eric Cartman: Yeah, you know, diabetes affects us all, but it mostly affects Scott Malcomson.