South Park Season 18 Episode 5: Full Episode Live!

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On the last new episode of South Park, this Comedy Central series took aim at Uber and other fast-rising transportation services.

How did South Park follow things up from there? With a focus on... drones? Sure, why not?!?

On South Park Season 18 Episode 5, there was a scandalous invasion of privacy that put all the South Park residents on edge. And which also led to Cartman and Butters ending up in possession of a drone.

That had to go smoothly, right? HA! Wrong!

Click on the video below to watch South Park online and see how these events unfolded:

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South Park Season 18 Episode 5 Quotes

It’s like - it’s like a yeti.

Cartman [on Craig’s mom’s bush]

Your wiener, my balls, they’re all public domain.