Reign Sneak Peek: Francis Comes Clean

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Will King Francis' decision to bend to the wishes of Lord Narcisse come back to haunt him?

When Francis decided to sign the edict at the request of the Nobles that would require all of France to swear their allegiance to the Pope, Francis did so against Mary's wishes.

Of course, Lola knows the dreadful secret Francis is hiding that forced his hand. In this TV Fanatic exclusive clip, Lola tries to convince Francis to tell Mary what's going on. 

On Reign Season 2 Episode 8, "Terror of the Faithful," Francis and Mary are tested even further when Vatican inquisitors arrive, using barbaric tactics on those suspected of being Protestant.

After a brave proclamation, Conde will be abducted and in very precarious circumstances. Considering how close Mary and Conde have become as of late, this can't bode well for her and Francis.

Catherine, meanwhile, finds herself annoyed when she tries to set up her spunky daughter, Princess Claude. Shall we hope for a modicum of comic relief from the experience?

Be back here tonight for a full review of the installment.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Bash: Careful brother. If you push Mary too hard, you might not be able to win her back.
Francis: I'd rather she were alive and in Scotland than here and dead.

I may have given up on trying to understand you, but I will not give up on France.