Scandal Round Table: Nobody Puts Jake In the Hole

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Olivia Pope's "weapons" are the kind that bring grown men to their knees and she used every single one of them to save Jake from her father's grasp. 

Was she leading Fitz on, or is there really hope for a happily ever after for Olivia and the President? We're discussing that and more in the latest TV Fanatic Scandal Round Table! Join Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines, Carla Day, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker as we break down the most recent episode.

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 6?

Christine:  Rowan explaining to Jake how he played Fitz. How he stroked him and coddled him and told him everything he needed to hear to get the desired result. Rowan embodies Command and it is downright scary.

Leigh: Abby confronting Fitz, definitely. And then her owning Cyrus by using her OPA skills to figure out who the leak was. It's about time Red stood up for herself! 

Carla: Olivia returned to the Olivia I've loved in this episode. My favorite moment was when she stood up to her father in the pool. She outplayed him and it was awesome to see the look on his face when he realized she wasn't going without a fight.

Jim: I really liked seeing Mellie back in "fighting shape". Between her quip to Fitz about having the cook send up some chicken to her hanging with Bitsy, she seemed back to her old self. 

Miranda: Best moment of the night goes to Jake's "it's okay that you aren't going to choose me" speech to Olivia. I can't decide if I think he was playing her or if he really decided she's not going to choose him, thereby making her choose him, of course.

How big are Abby's balls? 

Christine:  It's one of the things I've always liked about Abby. I loved the way she stood up to Mellie a couple of weeks ago and I like that she was willing to stand up to Fitz in order to help her friend. I HATE that Fitz keeps calling her Gabby. It makes him look like such an ass. However I do wish Abby hadn't run out of the room. She went from looking ballsy to cowardly in one turn of her heels. 

Leigh: Pretty darn big. See my above answer! I agree with Christine though that she shouldn't have run out of the room. I'm sure it was scary to go up against Fitz. I'm proud to see how she is standing up for herself and her friends and being called "Gabby."

Carla: After seeing Abby cower to the men around her in the White House, she finally put on the fighting gloves to protect her friend. She's no wallflower and shouldn't be treated as such. It was too bad she walked out, but it didn't damage her credibility.

Jim: She's pretty damn brave, but we've know how hard she will fight for her friends, especially Olivia, who she credits with saving her. I was glad to see Abby and Olivia back on the same side. And I disagree on how she left the room. She was done with what she had to say, a hasty exit drove the point home. 

Miranda: They are the size of Texas. Maybe two Texases. I love that she doesn't shy away from confrontation and slowly but surely she's finding her place in the political world of DC, first by confronting the President and second by sleuthing that Cyrus Beene was the leak. Hopefully that will also make Cyrus take note of his recent actions and start to question whether he's being played. Go Abby, go!

Spill your thoughts on Mellie's return to action after talking with Bitsy Cooper...

Christine:  Thank goodness. As much as I understood all she went through with her son's death, strong defiant Mellie is so much fun. It was great watching her get inspiration from Bitsy. And the last thing Mellie will be satisfied with is being remembered as "the wife of a man who did something with his life." I think we're in for some fun.

Leigh: I love when she asked Fitz if he wanted her to have the chef send up some fried chicken. Yes, let's see Mellie back in action! Mellie is so dynamic I love her and I love that Bitsy helped re-inspire her.

Carla: That "fried chicken" comment to Fitz was AMAZING! RIP Smelly Mellie, the fierce, hold-no-bars Mellie is back and she's on a rampage. It will be interesting to see if she takes Bitsy's words to heart and pushes Fitz back towards Olivia as a distraction. He plays and she makes a stealth attack to gain real power.

Jim: As mentioned in question #1, it is great to see her back in action, now things should get interesting. How ironic would it be if it turns out Mellie is the one who figures out Papa Pope was behind it and not Jake? 

Miranda: Uh, yeah, the fried chicken comment goes down as one of the greatest in Mellie history. So well-timed and perfect! I love political animal Mellie, but the difference between Mellie and Bitsy is that Mellie publicly meddles in Fitz' Presidency, and yes, the lesson was that Bitsy hated never getting credit for the work she did. But when Mellie meddles, things tend to go awry. Either way, welcome back, Mellie.

How do you feel about Olivia's "there's hope" comment to Fitz?

Christine:  It felt as though she was dangling a carrot to get what she wanted out of him. It felt like she was playing him more than their was real hope. Maybe she wants there to be but I can't imagine how they get back together and I'm not even sure I want to see it happen.

Leigh: I felt like there was no heart behind it. She said it to save Jake. She doesn't know who she believes right now but she knows she needs to give Jake a fighting chance. 

Carla: When she said it, she was manipulating Fitz into helping Jake. Deep down, she also wants to believe there is hope for them. She loves Fitz. She may not like what's he has done, but their love isn't something that will dissipate ... probably ever.

Jim: I'm with Leigh, I think she said it more out of need to save Jake than she really feels any true hope for them. I guess any life line for Jake is worth taking at this point. 

Miranda: I really, really can't decide if Jake was playing Olivia which caused Olivia to play Fitz or if Jake is really resigned to coming in second and Olivia really does think there's hope for her and Fitz. There was just enough hesitation on her part to make me think it could go either way. 

Is Olivia prepared to go up against her father? 

Christine:  I don't think so. I can't imagine Olivia Pope being willing to go to the lengths her father will to get what she wants. But I did love it when she told him she had weapons that he can't possibly possess. That was well played. 

Leigh: I think she is. I know a lot of people were all up in arms about the implication of her last comment, but when it comes to Rowan you have to use every possible thing in your arsenal. Rowan fights dirty, there are no rules. 

Carla: It depends on what she does next. I believe she has it in her to take him on. If she's willing to use whatever resources she has, including actually listening to Jake, then she can beat him. The evidence is out there, she just has to find it, use it, and then put her father in that dark hole where Rowan kept both Huck and Jake. He deserves that as his future.

Jim: I feel pretty sure she's know it was going to come down to it. I also hope that she realized his anger at her messing up his plans is also the chink in his armor, and she takes full advantage of it.

Miranda: I would actually relish the attempt. She KNOWS her father isn't a good guy, and yes, Leigh, she knows he plays dirty. You can't win with Rowan if you play by the rules because he operates outside the rules. I'm ready for her to stand up to him. 

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