The 100 Interview: Lindsey Morgan Teases "Raven-Metamorphsis" to Come

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It hasn't been easy for the original 100 who landed on Earth and it's been just as difficult for Raven.

She came to the ground to be with her love, Finn, only to find out he was in love with another. She became an integral part of the 100's society due to her engineering expertise. Her reward: She was shot and severely injured by the bullet. If anyone can overcome that tragic event and become even stronger though, it's Raven.

TV Fanatic jumped on the phone to talk to Lindsey Morgan about Raven's condition after her surgery, Raven's relationship with a new arrival, and the bond between Raven and Finn.

Tensions Rise - The 100

What's Raven's physical and mental state after the surgery?

She's making the best of what she's got and carrying on. She's trying to wrap her head around it and she's very much somebody who tries to do her best with what she's given despite the circumstances. She tries to make the best out of the situation. She's not thrilled about it, I'd say, but she's not going to be showing her cards or crying over it either.

Is there something that could break her resolve?

This definitely tests her and I think there are times when it does break her. Even from before, after her surgery with Abby, did it work? That was a very vulnerable moment for her. She was afraid she'd be crippled. I wouldn't say that she has the capability to be completely broken, but she will be tested and these tests are really trying her strength. I think she's learning a lot about herself.

Will Raven be with Abby at all? Or, is Abby busy being Chancellor?

Abby is super busy being Chancellor. There are a lot of duties for Abby. But, yes, they do interact, for sure, and they still have that bond. Abby's a really great maternal figure for Raven.

What's the relationship between the new character, Wick, and Raven?

Wick is somebody who Raven worked with on the Ark. Wick and Raven have a history together. As far as what that history entails, I'd say they're like friends, but they're friendly. Friendliness to Raven doesn't have the same meaning as it does to others. They were co-workers.

Unlike the Original 100 who landed on Earth Raven worked with the adults on the Ark, does she have a different perspective of their arrival than the others she was with on ground?

I think so, just because Raven wasn't in the prison and wasn't a delinquent. I don't think she agrees with all the strict rules of the Ark and the council the Ark had, but as far as those coming down now, Raven's very realistic. The fact is we've got ourselves in the middle of a war with a horrible race of people who outnumber us and by pure strength they are winning. She sees it as an asset.

Finn was there by Raven's side when she was injured, does that re-spark feelings for Finn? Or was that just two good friends being there together?

I think Raven will always have a very strong bond with Finn. I wouldn't say it's romantic, but it was touching that he was there. Finn being there showed her that he really cares. She knows his heart is somewhere else, she knows him that well. Even though he's there for her, she can see that it's a familial care and concern like a brother.

What's Raven's upcoming journey?

It's a bumpy one. Raven goes through a Raven-metamorphsis. It's a very internal struggle.

The 100 Season 2 Episode 4 airs tonight on The CW.

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