Better Call Saul Premiere Trailer: Jimmy's Atonement

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Breaking Bad fans, this is your holiday gift from us. Well, really from AMC.

We're happy to play a small role in passing along the fact that the first trailer for Better Call Saul has been released, featuring Jimmy McGill in all his glory.

That's right. As Breaking Bad aficionados remember, Saul Goodman isn't the real name of Bob Odenkirk's character. He took that moniker to help get more clients.

Before Saul came Jimmy McGill, the man introduced prominently here:

Premiering Sunday, February 8, Better Call Saul takes place before Jimmy became Saul to broaden his appeal to "the homeboys who want a member of the tribe."

His back story, and atonement, should be interesting, to say the least.

The Breaking Bad spinoff appears more light-hearted than the original show, although Bad itself was a lot funnier at the onset than it eventually became.

Saul was always good for levity, however, so a series starring Odenkirk front and center, rather than as a bit player, is destined to showcase his comedic chops.

Following up the greatest drama of all time (arguably), any attempt to make this a Breaking Bad lite will fall well short of fans' impossibly high expectations.

A different tone should help shift those expectations out of the gate, and from the looks of this trailer, that's what Saul creator Vince Gilligan is going for.

Of course, he's still Saul Goodman (or the man who would become him), so he's still a part of the Breaking Bad universe and we can expect some tie-ins.

Most notably, Jonathan Banks' Mike Ehrmantraut will appear in Season 1, and don't be surprised to see other bit players from the classic series as well.

Check out the tease above and as always, you can watch Breaking Bad online to relive Odenkirk and his unparalleled cast of co-stars' past adventures.

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