Days of Our Lives: Catfight Part 2!

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Melanie and Theresa went at it again at the hospital and shouldn't they both have been fired by now? Oh wait, Melanie hasn't even been hired yet.  Will finally wanted Sonny's attention and Victor put Clyde on notice on this week's Days of Our Lives. 

We'll start with Melanie. I vaguely recall liking Melanie before she left Salem. She was quirky and fun and it's always good to see Daniel around females who can't possibly be a love interest. But since Melanie returned to Salem she's done nothing but lie to the people who love her, been judgmental, and a hot head who can't control her temper. 

It's all left me wondering why I'd been looking forward to her return. 

It also had me feeling sorry for Theresa…almost. I know Theresa has done horrible things but between Melanie throwing her real-but-not pregnancy in her face and then Abigail gleefully crowing about Paul breaking up with her, it's hard to find a young female in Salem that's worth rooting for these days. 

Paige is one of the few "good girls" but she's so darn boring I just don't care. I'm actually hoping that Eve will get her to stay in California permanently so I never have to witness her winsome whininess again.  The only upside to this story is that it's brought back Patsy Pease as Kimberly Donovan. I sincerely hope that Kim travels to Salem sometime soon. Theresa could definitely use some motherly advice.

Nicole kept wondering who the new woman in town was but before she could figure it out she had to get yet another lecture from Marlena leading to this Days of Our Lives quote

I am not obsessing. I simply asked for a person's name and I got 20 minutes of Dr. Phil.


But I'm pretty sure that breaking into someone's hotel room to dig up dirt on them is the very definition of obsessing. 

Eric went from kissing Serena to wallowing in his own self pity and guilt once again. He told Serena that he couldn't move on with her for the same reason he couldn't be a priest. He's lost his ability to forgive. Serena summed up his experience nicely…

You've been screwed to the wall twice by some world class bitches and you think you're just suppose to forgive and forget like Francis of Assisi or something.


Moving on…Rafe tried to one up Chad who gave him the cockiest grin as he reveled in telling Rafe he'd just slept with Jordan. Unfortunately Victor putting Clyde on notice went just as well. Leave it to Victor to figure out that Clyde caused EJ's demise. If he really wants to mess with Clyde, Victor should just tell Stefano his theory and let him take care of things. 

Hope got a disturbing phone call from Bree and I was proud of her when she came clean to Aidan. It's hard to tell if Aidan is really hiding a deep, dark secret or if he just wanted to give Bree a piece of his mind for trying to ruin his new romance. Either way, these two are still my favorite couple in Salem.

Finally there was Sonny and Will. Sonny found out that Will has been lying. He didn't come running back to Salem because he missed his husband, he came back because he'd gotten fired. Ouch! 

I couldn't believe how hypocritical and self serving Will sounded when Sonny had to leave for work and Will asked him, "What is more important than us?" This from the guy who couldn't be bothered to return a phone call or a text and blew up at Sonny for even mentioning that fact to his family. 

If this whole story line ends with Will leaving for good I really wouldn't mind at all.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Tell me your favorite line from this week's Days of Our Lives.

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