Extant Season 2: Who's Out? Who's Still In?

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Extant Season 2 is on the way.

The good news? Oscar winner Halle Barry will remain as the lead, ISEA Astronaut Molly, who was impregnated in space, giving birth to an alien baby who grew to a small boy as Extant Season 1 came to an end. 

Face to Face - Extant

Pierce Gagnon who plays Ethan, Molly's Humanichs son (don't worry, he's capable of a sort of growth, allowing for the actor's aging) and Grace Gummer, as Julie, a scientist who bonded with Ethan, will remain on the series as regulars.

The unexpected news is both Goran Visnjic, who plays Humanichs' creator and Molly's husband, John, as well as Camryn Manheim, who plays Molly's best friend, will return only for a couple of early episodes before, apparently, riding off into the sunset.

The changes are storyline dictated, as Molly heads out to find her alien son, a threat to humanity. It seemed Ethan had some connection with the boy so he'll likely prove helpful in her search. Julie's role could be to help keep Ethan together, but that's total speculation. 

New season regulars will be added, but that information has not yet been released. 

Are you looking forward to the return of Extant? If you missed it, you can watch Extant online via TV Fanatic.

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