Revenge Round Table: RIP, Daniel Grayson!

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Daniel Grayson is dead and gone, having earned a deathbed confession from Emily Thorne that it wasn't all Revenge between them.

His death will launch the next face of revenging between Emily and Victoria as both women blame each other for his demise. (Newsflash: It's David's fault!)

What did the Revenge Round Table think of Daniel's death and other events from the mid-season finale? We're glad you asked! Join Christine Orlando, Paul Dailly, Miranda Wicker, and Laura Lynn from Revenge Agenda as we discuss that topic and more!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Revenge Season 4 Episode 10?

Christine:  Surprisingly, I liked Jack Porter coming to the rescue at the end and shooting his pseudo-girlfriend. I say it's a surprise because I've never liked the character in the past but as a cop, he's really growing on me.  If only he'd gotten their a minute sooner, maybe Daniel would still be alive. 

Paul: The fight. So many emotions were running through me during it. When they both went over the balcony, it looked like we could have lost Emily. I didn't think that was going to happen! I love a good revenge fight!

Laura Lynn: My favorite was Emily admitting to Daniel that it wasn't all a lie. I am glad she told him. I have always believed she fell in love with him when that wasn't the plan so it was good to also remind the viewers that there really was a real relationship with them at one time.

Miranda: Victoria and Margaux discussing Daniel and his growth over the years wins for me. Margaux is scared. Victoria was once scared. Victoria's past is what humanizes her most of the time, so it's nice to see her tap into that vulnerable place. I really liked Daniel and Margaux together and wanted to see them happy.

Daniel Grayson's death: Necessary or not?

Christine:  Completely not! I've always liked Daniel and I was beginning to look forward to how having a child would change and challenge him. I wanted to see his dynamic with Emily grow and change not to mention that Daniel is one of the few people who humanizes Victoria. I think killing him was a mistake. Why couldn't it have been Charlotte? I haven't missed her at all. 

Paul: Necessary. They tried to make him good again the past few episodes. I even started to like him and I've longed for him to be killed off for so long. It showed us that Emily really did like him.

Laura Lynn: I guess necessary. It was pretty obvious they were making him more likable this season to make a big impact when he died, which worked. I think his character ran his course. I just would have liked him to have owned up to shooting Emily but can't have it all!

Miranda: Totally not necessary. At all. His death would have been marginally more impactful had we not known a death was coming. Since we knew someone would die, his exit felt cheap. Of all the Graysons who had the possibility to right the wrongs of that family, it always seemed like Daniel would be the one to do it. Now there's no one because we all know Charlotte isn't capable.

Why did David want to kill Victoria, and were you shocked?

Christine:  Not shocked, just a little surprised. David's always seemed a little off center and I've never been sure how much he's trusted Victoria. Honestly, I was half hoping he'd drink the poison himself because I haven't enjoyed him being back as much as I thought I would. 

Paul: Because she chose Conrad and has basically lied to him since they met. This shocked me as he has long stood by her.

Laura Lynn: I have to say I was shocked Daddy Clarke was going to kill mommy dearest just like Paul was.  I did NOT see that coming. Not sure where DC's head is at...or his heart! He is a hard one to figure out!

Miranda: I totally thought "well, it's about time!" I want to believe that David Clarke isn't this crazy paranoid man he seems to be and is really just acting, mostly because I don't understand it. Sure, he was forced to embezzle money for Malcolm Black after spending 10 years in prison, but was he tortured during that time? What happened while he was under ground to make him such a wet noodle?

What's Nolan's plan to rehab Louise's image?

Christine:  I don't know but it should be fun. These two make a great, wacky team. Louise may be crazy but who isn't in the Hamptons. Perhaps Nolan can help her pull it together. 

Paul: I can't really comment on this as the scenes with he and Louise bored the life out of me. My best guess is that he will invite her to every single Hamptons party. Maybe he should become a publicist.

Laura Lynn: I am not sure what Lolan's future is. Is it platonic working wonder twins or will it turn into a new romance? I can't seem to get a good read on that relationship just yet. She seems a little less crazy these past two episodes, so who knows?

Miranda: I really, really dislike the entire Louise story and don't understand why they're friends. Is she going to drop her obsession with Victoria and go after Nolan? If so, Emily will take her down.

How does Daniel's death change Revenge moving forward?

Christine:  Daniel kept Victoria grounded in a lot of ways, even when they were at one another's throats. She adored him and I don't see how she'll ever be the same. It's even sadder knowing he'll miss out on a future with his own child. The fact that Daniel died trying to save Emily…well, Victoria already hates her. How much further can it go?

Paul: It will put Victoria hot on Emily's tail, yet again. Emily will be more out for blood than ever. So many characters will be out for Revenge. I can't even begin to imagine how poor Margaux will cope.

Laura Lynn: It definitely seems like a recharge of Revenge in many ways. Mommy dearest will blame Daddy Clarke's daughter Emily. Who knows what Margaux is capable of now that she lost the father of her unborn child! And not to mention Malcolm Black coming into the picture and wanting revenge too for his daughter's death. We will see.

Miranda: I think Margaux will lose the baby in her grief over losing Daniel, and I think Emily and Victoria will be pitted against one another once again but will ultimately find a way to put aside their differences and work together to take down their common enemy, Malcolm Black. Whether or not they're able to maintain their truce after that is anybody's guess.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Kate: I work for the United States taxpayers, Mrs.Grayson.
Victoria: Oh, and I do so miss my dearly departed husband!

Margaux: I'm not angry. I'm realistic. You're very good at saying the perfect thing when life is easy, but when choices get hard you run away.
Daniel: There's only one of us running, Margaux. It's not me.