Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Atonement

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Last week's previews promised a death on Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 and one was delivered in the final moments of tonight's hour. 

Given his arc during Revenge Season 4, this is quite the sad and shocking death, though anyone who was paying close enough attention could totally see it coming.

RIP Daniel Grayson

After fighting with Margaux about his desire to be a father to their unborn child, Daniel spent the remainder of the hour in quiet solitude, thinking back over the choices he had made and for whom and what purposes. Most of them, he realized, were self-serving and not the kind of person he ever wanted to be.

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment it became clear Daniel would be the one to die. Probably when Emily told him to run and he didn't Margaux told him to come home so that they could be better together. Sniff sniff!

Remember when Daniel Grayson wanted to be a poet? That man was still inside him when he died, giving his life to save the woman he once tried to murder. (Dear god, this show.)

We've spent the past 10 episodes watching the rise and fall of Daniel Grayson. He's been a doting and happy man in love with Margaux; a cad who bedded Louise to keep her happy; sullen and drunk; apologetic and forgiving with Emily; and, finally, changed. He recognized for all the ugliness Emily brought to the surface, she made them confront the truth about their family. They were liars and cheats and master manipulators who didn't deserve the riches and wealth they enjoyed. They'd earned it on the backs of those they'd ruined along the way.

He was on his way back around to that guy who fell in love with Emily in Revenge Season 1, and Margaux was happily taking him back so that they could be the kind of family they'd both wished for but never had. 

All of their scenes together had the Internet buzzing with hopes of a Daniel-Emily reunion, but now we know that just wasn't meant to be. Remember last year when none of us would've been sad to see Daniel Grayson die? Man, how the times have changed...

Ugh. It just got a little dusty in here, Revenge fanatics. Someone pass a tissue.

In his final moments, Emily told him what so many of us have always known. It wasn't always just a game for her. She did love him once. 

All this as Jack watched, probably shocked and horrified that 1) Daniel Grayson was dead, 2) he just shot the girl he just slept with, and 3) Emily was right and he didn't want to believe her.

That's kind of a lot to process and will no doubt throw Jack squarely into the middle of this Malcolm Black thing because the man who sends his own daughter into the FBI so she can be a corrupt agent working for him is probably the kind of man who will come after the man who shot said daughter, you know?

Good thing he has Emily and Nolan (whose Hamptons party was a success even if he's making strange alliances with Louise). Maybe they should bring Ben on board for back up since David and Victoria are playing whatever weird game they're playing over at the beach house.

David was planning to KILL VICTORIA for a moment in time and probably everyone everywhere was sending up prayers and wishes and hopes it would be her who died tonight, not because Madeline Stowe isn't amazing in the role but because Victoria continually manipulates everyone and never gets caught.

He was probably killing her so he could use the $5 million he stashed away in a safe to pay off Malcolm Black without her knowing, but since she doesn't seem to remember a safe containing $5 MILLION couldn't he have just done that anyway? (Yes, he could have.)

At least we know that Daniel's death will affect her somehow. Despite everything, even when she had the most bizarre ways of showing it, Victoria Grayson does love her children. The question is whether she'll blame David or Emily for Daniel's death and in what direction she'll take her own revenge agenda when the show returns.

We'll all have to watch Revenge online to find out.

What did you think of "Atonement"? Are you sad Daniel Grayson is dead? Did you think it should have been someone else?

Atonement Review

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Kate: I work for the United States taxpayers, Mrs.Grayson.
Victoria: Oh, and I do so miss my dearly departed husband!

Margaux: I'm not angry. I'm realistic. You're very good at saying the perfect thing when life is easy, but when choices get hard you run away.
Daniel: There's only one of us running, Margaux. It's not me.