The Mentalist Round Table: Teresa Lisbon, Psychic Medium

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With Patrick Jane sidelined with a cold it was left to Teresa Lisbon to step up to the plate and perform as a psychic medium to crack the case in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 4.

Our TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist Twitter fans @Nerwen_Aldarion and @SteeleSimz to answer what annoys them most about Agent Vega, who had their favorite line of the episode and if Jane's questions about the future should worry Lisbon.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Was Abbott right to send Vega out into the field with Cho?

Robin: Yes, he was right. She messed up but she's young enough to learn from her mistakes. Though part of me wants to say "no" because Vega was so gosh darn irritating.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  Abbott thought she could do it and that Cho and she needed to clear the air, but I also see why Cho disagreed.

@SteeleSimz:  Yes, Abbott is right when he said Vega was new and she needs someone to show her the way so to speak. Cho is a great agent and Vega can be also if she learns from Cho but she needs to learn how to listen to other people. 

Christine:  Yes, Abbott was correct. She made a stupid mistake and hopefully she can learn from it but I understand why Cho was hesitant. Once you've lost someone's trust, it's a long road to get it back.

What's the one thing that annoys you about Agent Vega the most?

Robin: Just one? Okay – my goodness, she's a nag. For whatever reason, she can't understand that trust is earned through time and not through a singular assigned task, and I'm pretty sure everyone on the planet knows that except her. She's in the FBI, not the mafia, for crying out loud. For goodness sake, though, she wouldn't stop nagging Cho about it. Then she gets all mopey. Soooo annoying.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  Going into the previous answer, it's her tendency to try and cut ahead in line without paying her dues. She's new, she needs to learn how to do the job and for her colleagues to see her capabilities. She tried to cut ahead before anyone knew she was ready and that could have been VERY dangerous, Cho was definitely in the right to put her in the iceman's ice box. That and I cringed when she was in the hanger, she sounded like a woman scolding a puppy, not a cop trying to take down a bad guy.

@SteeleSimz:  I guess the thing that annoys me the most is how she keeps trying to prove herself to Cho. It was okay in the start but now it feels like she is forcing Cho to be on her good side. 

Christine:  I agree with all of the above and I'll add one more. She consistently seems to dismiss Wiley because he's not out in the field. I wait for the day she grows up and acknowledges how valuable Wiley's is to the team. He may not be in the field but he's got skills that they can't live without and I wish she could see that.

What did you think of Psychic Medium Teresa Lisbon?

Robin: She was fun! Not nearly as fun as Jane doing his thing, but she seemed to be getting a thrill out of doing it.  The student's not gonna become the master any time soon though.  

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  Hilarious! I think my favorite was when Roger the dog could talk! All dogs go to heaven...and talk too!

@SteeleSimz:  I loved this scene! It was great watching Lisbon pull it off all the while Jane is talking to her and watching. She was a little nervous in the start but the moment she got into the part she pulled it, obviously she had an excellent teacher. 

Christine:  I agree with Nerwen. Roger the dog was hilarious! I also loved how Jane believed in Lisbon's ability to pull it off. 

Should Lisbon be concerned about Jane's question about a future outside of the FBI?

Robin: Hmmm, I'm not sure. I would be concerned if I was her, wondering if we want different things in the future. However, from a viewer's perspective, I don't think it's a real concern. Patrick would never really want Lisbon to do something she doesn't want to do. Also, when Jane's in love he is completely devoted, and he'd stay with the FBI if it meant making Lisbon happy. Besides, Jane would be bored doing anything else – he was bored and lonely when he was hiding out on the island.  

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  I think Jane is making good on his promise in the premiere, he's trying to plan a future with Lisbon and that means going through all possibilities. He's not a cop, he could be anything and anywhere and he'd love to show her that world. Also, being in the FBI means living in a glass house, he can't actually be with her publicly (yet) and that has to be grating on him. So I think she needs to think about what Jane says but if she doesn't want to go then she doesn't have to, Jane already proved he'd do anything to get back to her.

@SteeleSimz:  No, she should not be concern, Jane was telling her what he was thinking. Lisbon told him before he didn't need to keep things from her anymore and in this scene he does tell her what he is thinking about. They need to be both honest for their relationship to work and he is honest about thinking about the future. 

Christine:  If I were Teresa, that question would have rattled me a bit because she loves what she does. I can't picture her doing anything else. I'd be worried that they may be seeing futures that aren't the same. That said, I believe Jane is in the relationship for the long haul and I think he was simply considering all the future possibilities for them.

What was your favorite line from this episode? You can check some of them out on our The Mentalist quotes page. 

Robin: My favorite is from psychic Lisbon: "All God's creatures can talk in the afterlife!" Hilarious.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  "Because I want to see you...and I want you to bring me some soup."

@SteeleSimz:   I loved a lot of lines in this but my favorite is probably "Vega, you fall right now you're going to hit the floor." Cho's expression is the best when he tells her this. 

Christine:  There were so many good ones but I think my favorite was Cho with one of the gem dealers – Joseph: "Do you think I'm stupid?" Kimball Cho: "Maybe, I don't know you yet." 

Was there anything that disappointed or didn't work for you in "Black Market"

Robin: I was really sad about Abbott's marriage. They seemed so in love and so happy and supportive of each other, and they're being forced apart. Goodness, can we not just have a happy, functional couple on television without throwing something crazy at them?! 

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  The case was absolute crap, boring and obvious from the beginning except for the Psychic Teresa bit, it was entirely pointless. But it was obvious this episode was more of a way to set up the major plotlines of the season: Abbott's past, Jane and Lisbon's future, the Wiley/Cho/Vega triangle, the case was just there as background.

@SteeleSimz:  The only thing that didn't work for me was the scenes with Abbott and his wife. The story line is a slow but I can see it building up to a major arc for Abbott. With that said it still felt off in my opinion. 

Christine:  I couldn't believe Abbott was going to force a separation on his wife without explaining why. That just seemed cruel. 

What was your favorite scene in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 4?

Robin: My favorite scene was the one where Jane and Lisbon were talking on the phone while he was sick in his Airstream. I loved how Lisbon's annoyance at Jane quickly turned into a smile as soon as Jane said he wanted to see her. Adorable.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  Psychic Lisbon! I laughed so hard plus Jane was so cute being the proud teacher. 

@SteeleSimz:  The ending is probably my favorite scene. Especially at the end when Lisbon sneezes and Jane apologizes but he has this slight smirk on his face. But the whole fake medium psychic is a very close second. 

Christine:  Cho was a standout for me during the entire episode. I literally laughed out loud during several of his lines but none was better than him telling Vega that if she did a trust fall right now she'd hit the floor. Is it evil to say I kind of wanted to see it happen?

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