The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Don't Start Nothing, Won't Be Nothing

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Tonight's The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 6 picks up right where we left off, Kandi's dinner party. NeNe Leakes is still barking. Will Cynthia finally get a turn to speak? 

We'll find out in our +/- review...

NeNe has been waiting for a very long time to get this beef with Cynthia off her chest. After speaking her mind, NeNe walked away from the table to get some air. And she totally needs it because of all that steam-blowing she just did.

Phaedra suggests to the other ladies that they give Cynthia and NeNe a moment because it's clear that NeNe is really hurt. Plus 8. Good form, Phaedra. Good form.

Cynthia says it wasn't just one situation that led to their falling out. Cynthia says the turning point in their friendship was the night NeNe called Peter a bitch. Except Cynthia continued pretending they were friends for months after that. Minus 10.

NeNe wants to know why Cynthia didn't come to her and talk about the issue, but Cynthia doesn't think NeNe is capable of taking criticism like that.

In the end, they hug it out. Plus 25. And they cry. AND THEY DON'T EVEN GET MAKEUP STAINS ON NENE'S WHITE SHIRT! Plus 12.

Todd wants Kandi to come to New York so he can show her where he grew up in the Bronx. And so they can meet up with his mother to see if she's still hacked off about being called a prostitute by Mama Joyce. (Newsflash: She is.)

To handle the Apollo drama, Phaedra is throwing herself into her work. Derek J is being sued by a client who claims Derek had his staff steal her weave. 

"Hairburglar" is my new favorite word. Plus 10.

Since the woman went to the blogs before suing him, thereby defaming his name and his reputation, Phaedra's taking the case. Plus 12.

Gregg has a cold and NeNe makes him a cup of tea in a toilet mug. Yep. A toilet mug. While he drinks his tea from the toilet mug, she fills him in on the Cynthia convo from the night before. 

Gregg thinks deep down they missed each other but NeNe doesn't know if they'll ever be able to be "best buddies" again. 

Across town, Cynthia's telling Peter that she and NeNe made up. He can't believe it and doesn't like it. Minus 15. Stop being a jerk, Peter.

"You know, your process is crazy," he tells her. He doesn't think Cynthia's holding NeNe accountable to everything they think she did. 

NeNe tells Gregg she thinks she will keep Cynthia at a distance and doesn't want to jump right back into sitting down with her. Peter says they've been in "paradise" for the past six months without NeNe around. 

What it comes down to is Peter wants to be the only person in Cynthia's life. He did this with her mother and sister and now he's doing it with NeNe.  Minus 25. Wake up, Cynthia!

Todd takes Kandi through New York City with stops in the Bronx to show her what his life was like. The city "smells like pee and booty" but Kandi's trying to stay positive. Plus 4.

They get pizza and walk into a shoe store while eating it to try on and buy some Tims. If Kandi's going to be in the Bronx, she has to look the part. She's unimpressed but she pretends because it makes him happy. Plus 2.

Cynthia arrives in New York for Fashion Week. Her friend Kithe has jumped into fashion designing and he wants her to close his show. But first he needs to measure her butt because "she's had some extra ass put on."  Ouch! Minus 20.

When Cynthia's walk isn't fast enough for Kithe, he calls in another model, Sandra, and tells her to "show Grandma Cindy how it's done." With friends like that, you know? Minus 30.

Phaedra heads out to meet with Derek J to see what the salon looks like before the trial. She can't figure out how to make a video with her phone. Poor woman. 

Kandi and Todd meet up with Cynthia and Peter in New York and Cynthia doesn't eat because of the show, but everybody else at the table orders champagne, ribs, ribeyes, and delicious foods. Ugh, Kithe. I think I hate him. 

Talk turns to Kandi and Todd's parental issues with Mama Joyce. Todd unloads on Peter and Cynthia and then says "Your mom is not cool." He wants them to address things and she just wants to let it all go. Sorry, Kandi, but we're all Team Todd on this one. 

Kenya flew into New York to support Cynthia at Kithe's Fashion Week show, which is pretty sweet. Leon's also in the audience. The other models walk super quickly down the runway, but Cynthia saunters. They're all still happy once the show is over, so Plus 20.

Todd and Kandi are meeting up with Sharon for dinner and this is going to be heated. Todd asks if she's ready to come to Atlanta to live and before Kandi can even ask her why Atlanta's too stuffy, Sharon spouts "your mama, number one."

Oh. Okay then. It's gonna be like that. 

Sharon goes in on Kandi and Todd just sits back and lets her. Eventually Todd says Kandi has to confront things if they're going to be a big family. 

Kandi defends her mother because she loves her mother and she knows Mama Joyce has already said she won't apologize. As far as Kandi's concerned, there's nothing she can do. 

Sharon's just going to punch Mama Joyce in the mouth the next time she sees her. Or shoot her. Or mail bomb her. Sharon might be a little cracked, you guys.


Should Kandi encourage Joyce to apologize? Would an apology even fix things? 

There's never a dull moment with these women. Remember you can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online any time right here at TV Fanatic!

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