The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Nice to Metria

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When last we saw Kandi Burress, she and husband Todd Tucker were breaking bread with Mama Sharon while she was preparing to break bad on her counterpart Mama Joyce. Tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 7, we'll see the flipside of that argument as the drama will heat up between Kandi and Mama Joyce.

Can we just skip to the part where we put Mamas Sharon and Joyce in a room and let them flip some tables a la Teresa Giudice? I mean, Sharon IS a New Yorker...

Let's break this episode down with our +/- review now!

Cynthia's Back to Work - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi's at a barbecue at Aunt Nora's house and Mama Joyce is bringing the cold shoulder. While Kandi's outside talking to her cousin Weenie, Joyce is inside talking to Aunt Nora.

Kandi's argument is that Joyce's boyfriend destroyed a brand new house Joyce didn't pay a dime for and any time Joyce has ever talked about Todd the insults have been unfounded. 

What it boils down to is Joyce is standing up in defense of her man. And it's a pretty lame defense. Minus 12.

Demetria McKinney is in the house! In Bailey's House of Models, that is. She's making music with Da Brat. Who is apparently still taking music. She needs hot models for her video.

Cynthia gets a minus 45 for using "Hotlanta." NO ONE WHO LIVES HERE CALLS ATLANTA "HOTLANTA," CYNTHIA! 

Demetria isn't keen on Kenya after Kenya didn't try to deny any rumors that she was dating Demetria's man Roger Bobb. Cynthia stands up for her girl. Plus 10.

Kandi and Mama Joyce are in Aunt Nora's living room alone together. In the middle of their argument, Mama Joyce drops the bombshell that she's on medicine to keep her from getting an aneurysm and she doesn't want to argue. Kandi relents and stops arguing. 

She relates the tale to Todd and all he has is "y'all are crazy..." Yep! Plus 10.

Kenya's trying to get back into acting, so she's having some publicity photos done and asked Cynthia to come and give her pointers. Claudia pops in to see her girl. If I never have to hear Kenya say "twirl" again it'll be too soon.

Kenya wants to date and so does Claudia, but when Kenya mentions Claudia might want to set her sights on Roger Bobb, Cynthia sets the record straight-ish. 

Roger Bobb is off the market. 

NeNe Leakes is launching a fashion line on HSN and she's super nervous about it. Her plan is to clothe curvy girls. Plus 25.

"I believe that gays are very special people and I have one. CHECK." -- NeNe Leakes, Minus 30.

Phaedra stops in to visit Kandi. Things are tense in Phaedra's house and she doesn't know what to do about their boys. Tell them the truth about where Apollo is or not? Kandi's cousin Little Melvin says be honest. Phaedra doesn't know if that's the right decision.

Honesty is always the best policy, Phaedra.

NeNe's fashion line is launching at midnight and she's tired, understandably so. It's midnight. But her line is selling! Then they take a break and she loses her momentum until she learns that her Cold Shoulder Tunic SOLD OUT! In two hours! Yay, NeNe! Plus 12.

Kenya set up an appointment with Roger Bobb to discuss a business deal with him and while he flatters her, she flirts with him. She wants to produce a comedy with him, but she doesn't really has any ideas. Well, she does, and her idea is to play Kenya Moore. 

He's just...going to get some writers? To...write something for her. Ugh. 

Then she gets to the meat of the meeting. What's up with Roger Bobb and Demetria and that picture he took with Kenya at Peter's party. 

He confirms that he's with Demetria and invites Kenya to her party. She just weaseled her way right into that door. 

It's the night of Demetria's video release party. Why is a video release party even a thing? Can't they just play it? On MT...oh, right. MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. Oooh, VEVO!

When Cynthia and Demetria start talking about shoes, Peter excuses himself to the bar. Plus 10

Kandi, of course, had an invite to the party, since she's part of not only the music scene in general, but the Atlanta music scene specifically. And she has more Grammy awards than Demetria McKinney so Demetria's in the presence of royalty. 

This party was supposed to be Demetria and Roger's big announcement party, but he's a no-show due to a "last minute editing session" at work. Minus 8.

Kenya walks in with Brandon and hopes Roger will introduce her to some business partners and lifetime partners. Hey, Kenya, it's probably easier to catch a man if you don't have one on your arm. 

Demetria comes back to HER VIP section and Kenya's sitting there. Demetria is not happy. AT ALL. So she basically calls Kenya on the whole photo thing and then suddenly the women are BFF. Women are weird.

Just as Demetria's getting ready to introduce her video, Apollo walks in. He hugs everybody, Brandon included, then goes to Phaedra and says "you ain't gonna kiss me?" So she does and gets "that was an ugly kiss" from him. He sits across the way from her and soon he starts shouting at her.

He basically forces her to get up and sit by him and then threatens her saying he can "switch his mode" and pretty much asks for a divorce. So, so awkward. 

The cameras make it sound like all the women can hear what he's saying, but that could be editing. If he's really having this conversation in public? Wow. Run, Phaedra, run. 

She says he doesn't come home to talk to her so he comes to the club to talk to her. Apollo says he could be laying on the couch and she doesn't say "Hey, babe, I love you" or hug him or lay on him.

DUDE. Dude. You just do not get it at all. Not even a little. And you're not even trying to get it.

Next week, NeNe's inviting Cynthia, Kenya...and Porsha out to dinner. Oh, lawd! That'll be something to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and see.


Nice to Metria Review

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