Days of Our Lives Round Table: Serena's Most Annoying Moments

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Paul questioned Will's motives, Brady and Melanie went on a non-date and Serena tried to take down Nicole on last week's Days of Our Lives. 

Our TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by RoKaAlways and Jack from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Serena's most annoying moment, Will's motivation and what was their favorite scenes last week in Salem. 

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Most annoying Serena moment: the nightclub brawl, her visit to Daniel at the hospital, Eric trying to turn Daniel against Nicole for Serena's sake or Marlena describing Serena as "too naive" to handle Nicole?

RoKaAlways:  None of those.  It's her in the hotel room with Eric, saying she wants to see his art and then getting the devious look in her eyes outside the room. Yuck. I hope they turn Melissa's character around a bit.

Jack:   I have to choose just one? I am really over Nicole-bashing as Salem's favorite pastime, and Serena trying to turn Daniel against Nicole is both stupid and annoying, since it's not like he doesn't know what Nicole's done in the past.

Christine:  As much as I dislike Serena, I was more annoyed by Eric trying to turn Daniel against Nicole. He keeps accusing Nicole of being obsessed with him but it looks more like it's the other way around. He can't stop bashing her.

Is Paul right? Is Will only concerned about his career these days?

RoKaAlways:  OMG.  I can't stand this story. HE HAD NO REASON TO CHEAT!!!

Jack:  Yes and no. Somewhere in the back of what passes for Will's mind, I think he cares about Sonny, Gabi, and everyone else he's screwed over recently. But his career seems to be 200x more important to him than anything else.

Christine:  I do wonder if Will's editor pushed him, would he out Paul without Paul's permission? As horrible as Will has been lately, I think anything is possible. 

There's been lots of talk about Brady and Melanie dating but no actual date! Is this ridiculous or sweet?

RoKaAlways:  It's yawnworthy. Give me Brady and Theresa now!

Jack: Absolutely ridiculous. What are they, 15? Let's forget about getting their parents' approval and see them go do something or else go their separate ways.

Christine:  I actually found it kind of sweet. There is a lot on the line for these two: their friendship, Brady's sobriety, and close family ties. As annoying as I found them in the beginning, they are growing on me. I just wish they'd go out on an actual date!

In the Chad/Jordan/Ben/Abigail quadrangle, for whom do you have sympathy?

RoKaAlways:  Absolutely no one.  NO ONE.  I don't like any of them anymore.  I used to really like Jordan at first.

Jack:  Nobody really. Abigail is the most sympathetic of all these, but they all are digging their own graves. Chad's manipulating everybody and they're all responding to it instead of reacting reasonably.

Christine:  I almost felt bad for Chad when he walked in holding those flowers and saw Jordan and Rafe kissing. But then he ruined it by running away like a child and baiting Ben. There really isn't anyone worth rooting for in this foursome but at least Chad is interesting. The other three bore the heck out of me. 

Was Victor right? Is Clyde just Kate's newest version of first husband Curtis Reed

RoKaAlways:  I can't answer.... never saw that story.

Jack:  YES YES YES!  I'm so glad someone finally pointed that out to Kate, because this has been aggravating me from day one. I know Kate likes the bad boys but really, can she possibly be this blinded by her hatred of Jordan?

Christine:  I've thought the same thing since Clyde showed up. He's the southern version of Curtis Reed. How Kate can't see it is beyond me. 

Did anything disappoint you this week in Salem?

RoKaAlways:  Too much Daniel, always, everywhere.  Not enough EVE!!!!

Jack:  More JJ/Eve nonsense, with a side of Paige falling for Cole's BS. The younger set needs real stories instead of this garbage.

Christine:  Eve's storyline is so disappointing. Can't she do something else in Salem besides jump JJ, spar with Jennifer and coddle Paige?

What was your favorite scene or storyline from this week's Days of Our Lives?

RoKaAlways:  Probably the possibility of Jenn blowing a gasket....however, nothing really getting me much.  Of course, love my Eve but not her story.  I do like poor Nicole being right about the Serena thing.

Jack:  I was so glad to see Hope and Aiden! I also liked Rory trying to straighten Paige out--again. I wouldn't mind seeing more Rory/Paige down the line.

Christine:  I liked the look on Daniel's face when Serena started talking about Nicole. He looked as though he didn't trust her a bit. It gave me hope that we could get Daniel and Nicole teaming up to take down Serena for good. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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