12 Monkeys Round Table: The Witnesses Trip

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Are you as confused as our panelists? Well, the ultra-trippy 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 6 probably didn't help.

This week, Cole found himself in an alternate 2043 caused by the premature death of Dr. Railly. Once he corrected time, we watched Cassie take a hallucinogenic trip through the red forest to meet the Witness. What's it all mean?

Join TV Fanatic's Stacy Glanzman, Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day, Paul Dailly and Hank Otero to see if they can shed some light on the episode, or simply confuse you even more. You've got to hand it to the show's writers, they sure do keep us guessing.

12 Monkeys Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised Cole corrected the time line so quickly? Did you think Cassie's death caused the alternate 2043?

Stacy: Not really. This show has been pretty fast paced so far and I think it would have slowed the story down to have him stuck in the wrong time line too long. It sure seemed like Cassie's death was the cause for the virus being released a year earlier.

Carissa: Was the timeline righted, or did he just get back to the right timeline through his special chair? Honestly, I don't understand how it's working. I wouldn't have guessed Cassie's death because I didn't know she died. I thought it was something to do with the virus.

Carla: Given the pace of the show, Cole needed to correct the time line right away. It would be too confusing to "live" in an alternate timeline from episode to episode if we weren't going to stay in the new timeline. In a way, I'm disappointed that nothing Cole has done has permanently changed the 2043 he came from. It doesn't seem likely that nothing would have changed from everything they've done in the past. Though, it's possible I guess and we don't know yet. Why would Cassie's death speed up the release of the virus? That's a question we'll need to answer whether it was her death or something else that sparked the change. What if Cassie's death was faked and she was integral in the early release of the virus? That makes more sense to me than her death triggered it.

Paul: I was surprised, but he had to correct it as quickly as he could or it could have led to his mission being a complete failure. I did think Cassie's death had something to do with the alternate 2043.

Hank: I agree with everyone, the show's pacing has been spot on so far so why linger in an alt-2043 too long? As Carissa mentioned, there was no clue Cassie had died triggering this alternate reality. Of course, that detail was spoiled by Syfy's sneak peek video. I'll never understand why reveals like that are just given away online. It's a shame, especially for a conspiracy thriller like this.

Share your favorite moment from the episode. Like Cole and Aaron witnessing the Night Room events from a different perspective.

Stacy: It's not really one moment so much as a collection of moments. I loved every time Cole had no idea what Aaron was talking about. "What's 911? What's a license place? Who's Marty Mcfly?" Those made me laugh.

Carissa: I think I enjoyed Aaron going along with Cole, even though he didn't believe a word he said. I've never been sure he felt really strongly about Cassie, so I'm glad he's the real deal. Asking about the safety on a revolver proved was cute. He's in so far over his head.

Carla: Stacy and Carissa mentioned two good moments. My favorite was Aaron's reaction to Cole splintering and disappearing in front of his eyes. Aaron was at least starting to believe Cole, but to actually see it happen was something else. Noah Bean's reaction as Aaron was perfect. Loved it.

Paul: My favorite moment was Cole and Aaron saving Cassie. We all knew this would happen, but it was really good to see it on screen. I had a feeling they'd throw us another curve ball and have Cassie forget Cole.

Hank: I think Alt-Jones' reaction to hearing the word "splinter" was fantastic. In her reality her experiments had failed, so meeting Cole and learning another version of herself had succeeded was monumental. Everyone mentioned some great moments, but if I had to pick one it would be the shootout at the Night Room. I'm a sucker for those timey wimey moments and watching a scene from a different perspective is at the top of my list. Plus, I really started to like Aaron this episode. He's the one character I was iffy about.

So the Pallid man's not the big boss after all. What did you make of the "Striking Woman"? Was she programming Cassie repeating the red forest line?

Stacy: I didn't think the Pallid man was in charge. I think the woman is one of the head scientists that eventually releases the virus. I don't believe she's programming Cassie, but that the drink was a hallucinogenic so the witness could communicate with her. She was trying to put Cassie's mind where it needed to be by setting the scene.

Carissa: Programming her for what? Do you think they want her to believe something specific? It seems like by asking her trigger questions they're trying to find out if she knows something they're specific. I'm not sure, but we'll likely find out.

Carla: At this point, I don't really have an opinion on either of those questions. I don't want to overthink it and just go along for the ride. I didn't like the "Striking Woman" or what she did to Cassie, but beyond that I have no idea why or what she was trying to accomplish. I like that about the series. It's a mystery. To me, this was another sign that Cassie wasn't killed in the alternate timeline but used to release the virus earlier.

Paul: I didn't think the Pallid man was the big boss, so it was good to see his boss. I liked the scenes with the red forest, but I don't know what she was up to. I'm guessing we will be seeing a trip to the red forest in 2015 soon enough.

Hank: I think Stacy is on to something. I mentioned in our 12 Monkeys Podcast that the hallucinogenic drug somehow opens a portal allowing the person to see the Witness. He's got to be one of Jones' failed experiments and lost in time. The drug allows access to the Witness. The Pallid Man appears to be a hired gun, but the Striking Woman is part of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. I think they're the guardians of time. It's so fun to theorize even if you end up being way off. It's part of the fun for me, with TV series like this one, Fringe, or the X-Files etc.

Now we know the person in the plague gas mask is the Witness. Any theories on who this could be? Have we met them already?

Stacy: I still think the witness is from the future, but we haven't met him yet.

Carissa: It has to be someone who saw the plague begin. It would be cool if it was an old Cole, who splintered and remained in the timeline. Why are they in the mask?

Carla: It's too early to speculate. No idea who he is or what he's trying to do.

Paul: We probably have met them, could it be someone from 2043? Quite possibly, but I'm clueless on this one.

Hank: As I mentioned above, the Witness is probably one of Jones' lost time travelers. His goal is to make sure things play out as they're supposed to. Perhaps he wants revenge for being lost in time. I like Carissa's theory the Witness might be Cole, himself. He might be using the mask so Jennifer, Cassie and others don't recognize his face? It might also be that he's horribly disfigured from the time travel experiment.

In the final moments we learn the time jumps are killing Cole. How will this affect the mission to save mankind?

Stacy: I assumed they were killing him. It'll affect it in that now they need to make sure every jump counts. No more accidentally sending him to the wrong place or time.

Carissa: Apparently he has a limited amount of time to accomplish everything. The other thing about all is jumping I don't understand is...is he always drawn back to his original time or can he stay in the past? It seems like he just gets sucked back. It would be great if he could make a choice to,stop jumping and hope for the best. What's the reason someone else can't go back? They were always waiting for Cole, right? It's not like someone else can pick up where he left off. It's not getting less confusing, but more, the more information we get.

Carla: Cole should have already known the jumps were killing him. He knows about the previous jumpers and what happened to them, right? Plus, physically it's been difficult on his body to jump, not to mention all the injuries he has suffered. For the show it doesn't make any sense for him to stay back in 2043, but realistically he hasn't provided any useful information lately. If he doesn't have anything to add, why not just leave it to Cassie and Aaron to stop the release of the virus. I suspect they will research Operation Troy in 2043 and provide assistance that way. If he can help, he'll do it until he disintegrates. He never expected to live this life.

Paul: He'll still complete his mission, but it might be at the expense of him spending more time in 2015 or 2043 to avoid as many jumps. It really was a good twist. Does he save mankind or save himself?

Hank: If Cole is the "Origin" - that corpse we saw in 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 5 - it's possible his final jump is linked to contracting the virus. If this is all one ginormous time loop, Cole's destiny always plays out the same way right? I'm very curious to see how all the pieces come together, but I haven't really got a theory on this particular piece of the puzzle. Will he have to stay in the past at some point?

Check out a few images from Friday's 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 7. What do you think the title "The Keys" means?

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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ramse: Who the hell is this?
Cole: Hey it's me, it's Cole.
Ramse: I buried Cole. I covered the grave myself.
Cole: Wait a minute, I just came out of that machine.
Ramse: Nothing comes from there.
Cole: Alright, you and I, we left the West VII. Jones and her crew took us in.
Ramse: No.
Cole: Hey, only girl you've ever loved is Elena. Your mother's name is Roberta. You told me once she's pretty and that whenever I make jokes about banging her you laugh but I know secretly it pisses you off.
Ramse: Cole?
Cole: It's good to see you too.

Jones: Where do you come from?
Cole: From your machine over there.
Jones: I remember all the faces of the men that went in there. Yours is not one of them. They never came back.