It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 7 Review: Mac Kills His Dad

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As always, Mac wants his father's approval. And, as always, his father just wants him to shut the hell up, or carry a small packages of drugs shoved into a very inconvenient location.

On It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 7 Mac declares that he's going to save his dad – but we already know how that's going to turn out by the time the title card pops up.

Tonight's Sunny had a plenty of memorable moments, but was tied together by an overarching sense of some heavy irony. For an episode that starts with Frank buying "Life is Happy" motivational t-shirts, it sure switches moods quick – giving Dee and Dennis some bi-polar whiplash. 

Usually okay in their own filth, and oblivious to the rest of the world, the news story about the purposefully crashed ferry sets the siblings down a dark path. Questioning any and everything in life, they wallow in their self-pity until someone even more detached from the world shows up. Frank's supposed to be Bill's sponsor, but he'd rather be his friend. 

Dennis and Dee ride their sudden urge to be humanitarians and at least try to get help for the man drinking himself to death, but, obviously, the fall back into their old habits before long.

Come on! You guys own a bar! You guys watch people slowly kill themselves everyday right?


Their charity turning into a plot for them to capitalize off of a life insurance scam, was probably to be expected. In a classic Sunny moment, the gang can be found discussing the morality of buying into Bill's life insurance while all wearing "Life is Happy" motivational clothing.

But don't worry – according to Dennis, they've given this gray area a lot of thought and consideration (and still somehow came to the conclusion that it was okay to go ahead with their plan).

A man should be able to end his life if he wants -- we're American!


The other half the gang's Odyssey to earn Luther's respect clearly obviously doomed from the start. These scenes, with Luther or with both their mothers, make for some hilarious highlights. We already knew that Mac has been starved for some affection from either of his parents, but I bet none knew how Charlie's beloved mother spent her past time:

Charlie's Mom: I can't lie to my Charlie!
Charlie: Good! Tell me everything!
Charlie's Mom: Okay, they were both here. They were both inside me. Eduardo was in my mouth, and Luther was in my butt.

"Mac Kills His Dad" definitely deserves some props for featuring some of the most explicit things said by an old lady, or a 10-year-old girl, outside of a South Park episode.

In the end, Bill eventually changes his mind and instead snitches on the man who actually committed the murder, but that only sealed the fate of Mac's father. It would've served Mac well to listen to the words of the man he so badly craved affection from. Not saying it's Mac's fault his dad's a hardened criminal to the core – but he did basically just sign away Luther's life, while actually trying to get him off of death row.

 Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia online to see just how hard Mac tries to get his dad to say "I love you," and relive any of your other favorite moments over at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia quotes.

Next week's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 8, "The Gang Goes on Family Fight," is sure to have an overload of quotable moments! 

Mac Kills His Dad Review

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Mac: Thanks for coming with me, man.
Charlie: Well, you're forcing me too, so, yeah.

I'm gonna save my dad's life!