Salem Season 2 Teaser: Bathtime's About to Get Bloody

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Is nothing sacred?

Not when there is a Witch War in progress, apparently.

Bloodbath - Salem

In this Salem Season 2 clip, Tituba's otherwise comforting bath is rather rudely interrupted by Bloody Mary rising up and infusing a little something extra into her former friend.

They can't possibly remain friends through this war, can they? If even the privacy of your cleansing ritual is used as a battle ground, all bets must be off!

Salem returns on Sunday, April 5. To spice up your life while you wait and with love (and darkness) in the air, WGN America will treat fans on Salem's social media accounts with twisted, original Valentine's Day-inspired content for followers to share, including personal, twisted video messages from the cast and more surprises. That's kind of cool, right?

If you missed any of Salem Season 1, you can watch Salem online via TV Fanatic to catch up! 

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Salem Quotes

All the world shall be yours in return; all the world.


John: Judge not, lets ye be judged.
Sibley: Who said that?
Jesus. You might have heard of him.