The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Emilie

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Well, last week I asked for more Anne and Aramis scenes - and I certainly got them! 

We got their short but amazing reunion on The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 4.

First, can I say how utterly hilarious it is to imagine how many religious prophets were just tripping on shrooms the whole time? I mean, blasphemy aside, you have to look back and wonder...

As a whole, Emilie's story was very interesting, but not all that important. Besides giving Anne and Aramis a reason to have a private moment, that is.

And what a moment it was! After sneaking into the camp in an attempt to talk Emilie down, Constance and Anne found themselves in serious danger. A Spanish Queen surrounded by peasants whose only common goal is war with Spain? Yep, very dangerous. Luckily she had Aramis around to negotiate her freedom and smooch with on the side. 

Aramis: We promised each other...
Anne: A queen is allowed to break her promises.

As amazing as that kiss was, I think my favorite part of the scene was actually Constance barging in on them. So far, Athos is the only one aware of Anne and Aramis' affair, but now Constance is in on the secret too. Hopefully it will bring the two women closer together instead of tearing them apart. If Constance chooses not to keep the news to herself, it could mean bad things for Queen Anne. 

You know all my secrets now. You carry my life in your hands.


Meanwhile, Rochefort seems to be going crazier and crazier. Not only did he order the murder of his superior, Ambassador Perales, he also murdered his favorite prostitute with his bare hands. I can't be the only one worried about Anne after that, can I? He might love her, but he's proven himself to be a very violent man, which is never a good thing. 

Porthos got another small hint at his parentage, but Treville managed to shut him down fast. This is looking like it will be an ongoing plot this season, but hopefully we get more hints soon. I'm drawing a blank on who is father could be so far.

Last but not least, Athos shared a small moment with Milady after she murdered Perales. I half expected him to strangle her right there, but her position as the king's mistress saved her. Their romance has always been very twisted, but also amazing and dramatic. I'm torn between wanting Athos as far from Milady as possible and demanding more scenes for the two of them. Their chemistry is just off the charts, even when they're threatening each other.

Milady: The truth is staring you in the face, and you can't even see it.
Athos: What truth?
Milady: Whatever I am, you love me. And you always will.

Treville's reassignment will definitely be a game changer, but I can't say it's a shocker. Rochefort has done a good job of sabotaging the Musketeers at every turn, weakening the king's faith in them. Now that Treville won't be around to lead them, the question is who will? 

Will Constance betray Anne's trust? Who will lead the Musketeers now? Give us your thoughts in comments below!

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Emilie Review

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The Musketeers Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm glad that we can talk like this again. You know, as friends.


Milady: The truth is staring you in the face, and you can't even see it.
Athos: What truth?
Milady: Whatever I am, you love me. And you always will.