12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 10 Picture Preview: Ramse's Move

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It's safe to say things did not end on a high note for our BFF's last week.

Throughout 12 Monkeys Season 1, Ramse has referenced the board game Go. Is this episode's title a hint at a game-changing move that somehow turns the game around? In Japanese the term "Divine move" means "Godly move."

Syfy has released several photos from Friday's installment. Flip through the slideshow below for a look at 12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 10:

Jones lied about a cure, but does Ramse have it in him to betray Cole? What's his role in this timey wimey game? Share your best guess in the comments below.

These photos reveal a secret meeting in 2043 with a familiar face. What's this person's connection to Ramse and his fight to protect his family? Will Cole be forced to kill his brother to complete his mission and save 7 billion lives? 

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Check out this quick recap of the events leading into Friday's installment.

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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

If Peters is recreating M-510 for the 12 Monkeys, he'll need animals to test it on. The CDC can get a list of suppliers and then I'll be able to track him down. Just like the Big Burn, and the Night Room. And Splinter, apocalypse; rinse/repeat.


Cole: The virus is still out there. The 12 Monkeys got their hands on it somehow.
Cassie: We destroyed M-510 in Chechnya, we burned it; all of it.
Aaron: The CIA has satellite photos that prove that.
Cassie: The Night Room is destroyed. The remains, the Origin, is gone. Leland is dead.
Cole: We missed something.
Aaron: We? No you. You missed something. How is this still happening?
Cassie: Because it was never just Leland. It was Oliver Peters. He was at the CIA during operation TROY. He gave them the virus.
Cole: We need to find him.